If you live in Kolkata and love to travel, bookmark this page. There are many places around Kolkata that are perfect for a weekend destination or short trip.

There are many popular destinations like Mandarmoni and Garhpanchkot which you probably know of so we will not tell about those places.

We have listed more than fifteen weekend destinations which are newer or lesser explored. All these places make a great weekend trip. Some are perfect for a day trip or picnic while some are best suited for an overnight stay. Pick what suits you from these lists.

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Check the calendar and book your next destination. Here is the third list of the series –

#11 Piyali Island

kolkata weekend destinations piyali island

Sunderban is a tropical paradise and Piyali Island is one of the places where you can enjoy the beauty of the delta without any fear of tigers. Quiet, serene and green – with hundreds of birds and local boat rides – it is all you need to unwind.

Piyali Island is a strip of land between the two rivers – Matla and Piyali. A tributary of Piyali also flows through the island making it dense and fertile. This place is only 75 km away from Kolkata and is easily accessible.

Do stay at the Piyali Island Tourist Lodge, however it is the only lodging facility there. The plus point is there are no crowds, all fresh food and lots of nature and quiet isolation.

#12 Rasikbil

kolkata weekend destinations rasikbil

Rasikbil is a bit far from Kolkata but it is one of the most birding and photography spots of Bengal. Situated in Coochbehar district, it is a 175 hectare forest area at the foot of the Sintura Hill. Dense forest, leopards and pythons, read more about Rasikbil here.

#13 Parmadan Deer Forest

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a forest experience nearby, pick Parmadan Forest. Just 100 km away from Kolkata and about 32 km from Ranaghat and 25 km from Bongaon, Parmadan is easily accessible by train, car or bus. Reach Duttafulia and Noldugari, and from there bus and rickshaws are available.

kolkata weekend destinations parmadan deer park

If you plan to spend the night, do stay at the WBFDC Parmadan Forest Lodge. Rooms cost somewhere between Rs. 400- 500 per night. Book your stay beforehand (you can do it online) and carry your receipt. Food facility is basic and limited but overall nice, and do call the cook to arrange for your meal before you reach. You would have to pay a fee while entering the forest but if you lodge here entry at all times is free (subject to change).

Parmadan is also known as the Bibhutibhushan Wildlife Sanctuary as the great author was born in the same district. Parmadan is home to hundreds of deer that come every day at one spot to be fed by the forest officials. You can visit this forest anytime from September to March, it has a pleasant weather throughout.

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#14 Chandpur Beach

Tired of going to overcrowded and unclean Digha beach? Forget it. Just 18 km away from Digha is the Chandpur Beach.

kolkata weekend destinations chandpur beach near digha

Chandpur Beach is spotless, pristine and clean. As it is very less known, it also makes it sparkling clean – just as nature has made it. Water is quite clear and you would love to spend all day on the beach. Nearby is the Dariapur Lighthouse, and you will feel the excitement when you climb to the top. The view from the top of the lighthouse is absolutely amazing.

Visitors especially recommend spending your time on the beach during the full moon nights. You can enjoy the sea in its glorious best. There are only a few resorts near Chandpur Beach.

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#15 Monchasha

kolkata weekend destinations monchasha eco village

Monchasha Eco Tourism is situated about 150 km away from Kolkata and 23 km from Contai (Kanthi). Nestled in a beautiful village surrounding, Monchasha has 4 homely cottages (each can accommodate 4-5 people). Eat homemade fresh organic food, listen to the chirping of birds, get lost in green fields and click your heart away.

To reach Monchasha Eco village, you have go to Nandkumar (on the Digha route), from there to Kalinagar Bus stop and then it is only 6 kilometers away. You can also ask the hotel to arrange your pick from Contai Railway station or Kalinagar Bus Stop. Monchasha has good facilities for accommodation of the driver. They even allow you to carry your pets with an extra charge.

Monchasha is all nature and village life so be ready to get your inner child out with curiosity and adventure.


Credits: monchasha.khorlo.com, nexplored.lonelyplanet.in, roamanch.com