There are many popular weekend destinations from Kolkata like Garhpanchkot or Digha but we will not tell about those ones. Here we have listed many weekend destinations which are either new or lesser explored. All these places make a great weekend trip or a one-night stay. Some are perfectly suited for a group picnic.

If you live in Kolkata and love to travel, bookmark this page. There are many places around Kolkata that are perfect for a weekend destination or a day trip.

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#21 Jharkhali

weekend destinations from Kolkata jharkhali

Jharkhali is one of the newest destinations in Sunderbans which is becoming popular very fast. Jharkhali is accessible by road, it takes less than 4 hours to reach through Basanti Highway from Kolkata and cross the bridge on Matla River. Jharkhali is very near to the core area of the forest and this is why you get to spot abundant wildlife and innumerable birds. There are some nice resorts available and Royal Sundarban Wild Resort is an amazing one.

Do take a boat ride from Jharkhali into the Sunderban mangroves. If you do not see a tiger, maybe you will see one in the Tiger Rehabilitation center. This rehab brings in injured or rescued tigers and nurses them to be sent into the forest again. Jharkhali is where you can enjoy Sunderbans at its best and safest.

#22 Achipur

weekend destinations from Kolkata achipur

Only 33 km away from Kolkata is the town of Achipur, named after one of the earliest Chinese settlers Tong Achi. Achipur is the first ‘China Town’ in India and the place is worth a visit for a day trip. One can see ancient Chinese Temples and graves along the Hoogly River.  It makes an interesting photography spot with wooden carvings and bright painted walls.

Achipur is best for a day-trip from Kolkata but if you want to stay overnight, then stay at nearby Budge Budge. Chinese New Year is a good time to visit this place.

#23 Sonajhuri Forest

weekend destinations from Kolkata sonajhuri forest

Situated near to Shantiniketan, Sonajhuri Forest is a destination where you can also the beauty of nature and tranquility. Staying at any home stay or resort at Sonajhuri Forest will give you a chance to enjoy rural life and nature. You can spend your time with the bubbling streams, songs of birds and innocent village folks.

Sonajhuri Haat is held every Saturday and here you can find beautiful handicrafts, delicious food and amazing Baul music. Along with the Shantiniketan and Rabindranath Tagore inspired spots, you can also visit the Ballavpur Deer Park, 600-year old Surtheshwar Temple and the Kankalitala Temple, which is a Shaktipeeth.

#24 Raidighi

weekend destinations from Kolkata raidighi

Raidighi is one of those weekend destinations which has so much to offer that you must stay overnight. It is adjoining the Sunderbans, thus making it a great place for a boat ride and to explore the mangroves. Vist the Kuamuri Forest and Nagchara Island, which is a den for rare and gorgeous snakes. Enjoy the view from the watch tower and relish the beauty of a sunset in the jungle.

Then there is also Jatar Deul – a magnificent piece of architecture nearly one thousand years old. It is actually a Lord Shiva Temple which is now under preservation. The way to Jatar Deul from Raidighi is about 6 km and the path is extremely picturesque.

Have deliciously made fresh fish curry and hot rice in the local shacks. There are a few decent hotels in Raidighi.

#25 Bankiput

weekend destinations from Kolkata bankiput

Here are 3 things you will get in Bankiput and no other place. First, a fully operational 100-feet tall lighthouse. Most lighthouses which are open for open for visitors are not functional but the one near Bankiput which is called the Dariapur Lighthouse is (it remains open only for a few hours in the evening). Secondly, the famous Kapalkundala was based here. There is still the age-old Kali Temple for you to get the chills. And thirdly, Bankiput is a vast beach lined with forest on the other side. Totally peaceful and rich with birds. If you want more, visit the fishing harbour.

Bankiput is in Contai (Kanthi), which makes it very near to Digha and Mandarmoni.

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#26 Babur Haat

weekend destinations from Kolkata babur haat

Babut Haat is the perfect picnic spot from Kolkata. Just 50 km away from Kolkata, it is an easy drive from the city.

Babur Haat is filled with greenery with small villages all around. You will bheris, mango orchards and palm trees lined everywhere looking just like a beautiful painting.

A little away from Babaur Haat is the well known fishing village of Malancha situated at the union of the rivers Ichamati and Bidyadhari. If you plan to stay overnight, there are also lodging options available.

#27 Bonnie Camp

weekend destinations from Kolkata bonnie camp

Bonnie Camp is one of the best places to stay in Sunderbans. It is located deep in the mangrove forest and it will take half a day to reach there. But Bonnie Camp is very rewarding. It has its own watch tower inside the campus, and this more than 50-feet high tower is the tallest one you will find in Sunderbans. The watchtower will give you a view of a freshwater lake where the animals come every day.

Bonnie Camp is absolutely adventure. The campus can accommodate at a maximum of twenty people only and at night there is only the facility of solar lamps. Imagine enjoying the roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger from the comfort of your bed!

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#28 Gangani 

weekend destinations from Kolkata gangani

Gangani is one-of-a-kind destination not only in West Bengal but also in whole of India. It has been called adoringly after the Grand Canyon of the United States. Gangani is not that big in area but sure is a wonderful tourist spot.

Gangani is in Garbeta which is about 170 km from Kolkata. It can be reached via Bishnupur as well. The Shilabati River flows through the area creating unique landscape forms and colours. There is a gorge which is about 70-feet deep through which the river courses its path.

It is one of the most unique photography spots you will ever find. The place is quiet, tranquil and mysterious – perfect to get away from the city to get a fresh breath of life.

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Image credits: Ritesh Ghosh,, Travel Triangle, Lonely Voyagers, Tripoto