If you are tired of bad music and need a relief, listen to MLTR. We vouch that these touching will bring you a mental and physical release.

MLTR is one of those music groups that will be remembered for eternity for their unbelievably great music. Once you hear one of those beautiful melodies of MLTR, somehow it stays with you throughout your life. Perhaps that is what music truly is!

MLTR has won many awards like the Gold and Platinum status in various nations, Gold Preis Award and The Best Performing Act of the Year at the SEA Grammy among many others. But most of all, they have won over the hearts of people with their melodious music and deep lyrics. However there is one thing that sets them apart from most pop and rock stars. MLTR is probably the cleanest and the most gentlemanly ‘boy band’ you can get out there. They never used slangs or vulgarity for their popularity. Just good music and it was so good that it changed the face of pop and soft rock forever.

MLTR has performed in over 20 countries all over the globe since 1988 and still going great.

Best MLTR songs

Here are five best songs of MLTR that will surely make you feel something inside you have not felt for a long time.

Blue Night
Beautiful lyrics, deep words and true feelings, here is one song to rekindle romance in your heart. This song says all that you ever wanted to but could not find words for it.

When the blue night is over my face, On the dark side of the world in space
When I’m all alone with the stars above, You are the one I love
So there’s no need to worry girl. My heart is sealed for you
And no one’s gonna take it away…

Blue Night is the song as well as the name of the album which was released in 2000. It earned Gold, Platimum, Double and Triple Platinum status in eleven countries.

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One of the most loved songs of MLTR. Someday was released in 1995 when MLTR launched their second album, Played on Pepper. This remarkable song was shot in the beautiful Padang Padang beach in Bali.

Take Me To Your Heart
They say nothing lasts forever, We’re only here today
Love is now or never, Bring me far away..

The single Take Me to Your Heart became the most downloaded song in the world in a year. MLTR release their sixth album as well as the single Take Me To Your Heart in 2006. This single song enjoyed six million paid downloads creating a new record.

Enjoy this remarkable song here.

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You Took My Heart Away
If you still have not experienced this breathtaking music video, do not wait. Words are not enough to express the intensity of the feeling expressed in this song.

Sleeping Child
You do not expect anything so profound from a just any boy band. This is music at its best. This is the kind of lyrics the world wants. Michael, please keep rocking this world with your marvellous music.

Who are the MLTR?

Michael Learns to Rock or more commonly, MLTR is a Danish band who perform in Danish and English. The members of this band are Jascha Richter, Mikkel Lentz and Kare Wanscher. Søren Madsen had also been with the band for many years.

MLTR Michael Learns to Rock

In 1988, Jascha Richter wanted to have his own band. He invited his high school friend Kare Wanscher and both practiced together. Jascha was the singer and keyboardist, Kare the drummer. However, they needed one man more. They liked Mikkel Lentz, a guitarist who played the guitar for a rock band. These three did well but sometimes they felt the need of an extra hand. So Søren Madsen, another guitarist joined in and they were set.

In spite of their talents, they had a rough start. In their first public show, only 20 people attended their performance. After two months, they entered into the Aarhus annual talent contest. They won this well known contest of Denmark and caught the attention of Jens Peter Andersen, a jury at the show who later became the band’s manager.

There is an interesting story how the band got its name, Michael Learns to Rock. Jascha Richter had planned to send a recorded demo of their song to the song competition but at the last moment realized that the group did not have a name. He signed off as ‘Michael Learns to Rock’, casually naming after Michael Jackson. The name became a success and was later abbreviated as MLTR. They initially performed for Danish songs and later started performing in English for the international market.

MLTR got their international fame in their second album, Colours. Sleeping Child was one of the singles in this album. They album sold over 1.1 million copies.

One of their greatest success stories came from Asia. The group was madly loved by the Asian fans. Be it Thailand, Hong Kong or Vietnam, thousands came to their concerts. All tickets were sold out in a few hours. MLTR was and is still also loved by millions of fans in India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and UAE.

Michael Learns to Rock has been regularly performing since 1988. Their music still touches the soul. In 2000, their second guitarist Søren Madsen left the group to pursue a solo career. The group members have taken a break to look back, take some time and compose something new. Jascha Richter released his solo Planet Blue in the meantime.

Even after their beautiful creations and international success, there have been critics and analyses. However, the timeless performance of MLTR answers all queries. Even after three decades, they have fans all over the world and of all ages, creed and ethnicity. Jascha Richter commented on their worldwide success saying that they are able to touch people’s hearts through good music because ‘music defies all geographic categorization’.

Music is truly the universal language because it speaks to our heart. We wish the best to MLTR. Keep Rocking Michael!

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