Geeta Dutt was a lady of extraordinary talent and grace. When she sang, people stopped their work to listen to her songs. Her voice was greatly melodious but more than that, it was the life that she put in her songs. You can make someone sing well, but making it alive comes from within. Geeta Dutt’s flair has made many a song immortal.

Geeta Dutt was Geetā Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri when she started her career. She later married Guru Dutt. She started her career from singing in Hindi films and later also sang in Bengali. Every song she sang was loved by millions of song and film lovers.

Here are some of the most amazing Bengali songs in the golden voice of Geeta Dutt-

#1 Eii Sundaro swarnali sandhya
Let us start with this beautiful and bubbly romantic song. Try boating with your beloved in this beautiful backdrop playing this Geeta Dutt song. This is romance at its best.

#2 Ei Mayabi Tithi
This song is from the film Sonarharin. This was a breakthrough song of that time. It was a modern ‘European’ song in Bengali style. It was probably the father of east west remix. Geeta Dutt nailed the song. Enjoy!

#3 Jhanak Jhanak Kanak Kankan Baaje
Suchitra Sen and Geeta Dutt have made this song so beautiful that it is beyond words. The film Indrani became a super hit and it owes a lot to this song.

#4 Akash Jure Swapna Maya
This is one of Geeta Dutt’s songs that will definitely make you joyful.

#5 Tumi je amar
She made Tumi je amar truly unforgettable. It remains treasured and cherished in our heart.

As an ending note to this ever graceful and radiant singer, here is a memorial stamp. The Government of India released it in honour of Geeta Dutt in 2013.

Here is a question for you. Geeta Dutt also acted in a few films. Can you name the film where she was cast with Pradeep Kumar, Bikash Roy and Jahar Ray? Hint, it was also the actress Rakhis’s debut film? If you know the answer, write it below.

Geeta Dutt

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