If you thought PC Sorcar Jr. is just an illusionist or a conjurer, think again. Prodip Chandra Sorcar is living magic.

The Sorcar family has been practicing magic since centuries. He is of the 8th generation. The family has literally kept the art of magic shows alive in India and around the world.

Krishna Chandra Dev was PC Sorcar’s ancestor. He was an expert in magic and hypnosis. Chandra Dev was the father of the Bangal Ka Jadu, The Magic of Bengal. He was so popular that he was asked to perform in the court of Jehangir.  The Mughal ruler was extremely impressed by his art. He gave Chandra Dev gold and zamindari land in Bengal where the family settled.

PC Sorcar Jr. is a highly educated man with a doctorate in Applied Psychology from the University of Calcutta.

Here are some incredible feats of this gifted son of India –

#1 20 years to make, 2 minutes to vanish

According to historians, it must have taken much as 20 years and 20,000 workers to build the Taj Mahal. One man, PC Sorcar Jr. vanished it. In front of many eminent people.

Don’t worry – the wonder of the world was not gone forever. It came back after two minutes, just as it used to be shining in more glory. However, the great illusionist has never claimed his feats to anything special. He just calls it pure logical science.

In fact scientists have also asked him to show his feats so that they can study those closely. He has also complied for the advancements of science. For scientists, work has probably never been so much fun!

When don’t they give a Nobel Prize to magicians – are they any less of a scientist?

PC Sorcar jr

#2 He can make the Indian Parliament disappear

PC Sorcar Jr. has already made at least two trains disappear – one in Agra another in Burdwan station.

Furthermore on the occasion of 300th anniversary celebrations in Kolkata, he vanished the Victoria Memorial. The then Chief Minister was also present in that show along with several High Court judges, senior army and police officers. Thankfully he also brought it back!

His magic has impressed royals and leaders alike. But this great magician is a simple and humble man at heart. Like every common man of our country, he dislikes corrupt politicians. Once he lightly remarked that he wished he could make the Parliament disappear. Don’t we all secretly wish he did?

PC Sorcar jr

#3 The true global celebrity

PC Sorcar Jr. is a proud son of India. His shows have been watched by thousands of people in Japan, London, USA, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Iraq, Egypt, Hong Kong, S. Korea and also in Africa and Australia. In addition, he has kept the ‘magic of magic’ alive in many places where it had become a dying art. He has also been the Indian citizen with the highest foreign exchange earner in entertainment.

Sorcar has inspired many to become illusionists and conjurers for honest entertainment. A magic show lasts for an hour but it takes back breaking hard work to perform. Practice, planning and patient toiling is the foundation of a magic show. Respect to all magicians who work so hard to amuse us.

PC Sorcar magician

#4 He is a hero

False gurus milk the innocent and gullible Indian citizens for money and fame. The plight is even worse in Europe and America. This gives true Indian knowledge a bad name and is a direct insult to the country’s rich heritage.

These false gurus use magic tricks and say that they have divine powers. They fooled thousands this way. But they cannot fool another magician.

PC Sorcar Jr. like any honest citizen, wants to expose these false gurus and protect the innocent people from being cheated. He exposed a famous ‘Baba’ in front of thousands of his devotees. It took a lot of courage to do this, to stand for your truth in front of frauds.

PC Sorcar Jr is a true hero. We really need more heroes like him.

PC Sorcar Jr

#5 He will perform till the age of 123

PC Sorcar has said that he will perform magic till the age of 123 – a hundred and twenty three years! Most people are done with their living at half this age. If he does so, he will probably be a living yogi from India!

Sorcar Jr is a kind of a revolutionary. He has given his daughter the responsibility of carrying the torch of the family art. Like a true Bengali, he has believed his daughters to be the reflections of the Divine Feminine. He has broken stereotypes and created new trails.

We send this grand master our best wishes. Breaking the perceptions of the human mind is perhaps his greatest magic.

PC Sorcar jr

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