Some say that Bengalis are the most romantic race on earth. Love is in the air, literally.  Bengali celebrate love in stories and poems and probably most of all in the films.

Bengali black and white cinema era possibly has some of the most romantic couples in cinema. Here are five such couples who have with their grace, emotions and nuances have taken romance to deep levels.

Uttam Suchitra

We have to start with this. Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen on-screen romance is undying and will never get too old for us. We see the couple’s first appearance in Sare Chuattor. Since then there are too many films to name.

romantic couples

Soumitra Sharmila

A whole chunk of classic Bengali cinema has been ruled by this couple. Starting from Apur Sansar to Aranyer Din Ratri to Barnali, the handsome Soumitra Chatterjee dazzles his best with the beautiful Sharmila.

romantic couples

Soumitra Madhabi

Although their major love stories have a not-so-happy ending as we see in Charulata and Kapurush , no one can deny the sparkling on-screen chemistry that lights up our hearts and screens. Soumitra Chatterjee and Madhabi Mukherjee are one of the most romantic couples of Indian cinema.

romantic couples

Tulsi Molina

This is probably the most loved couple of Bengali cinema. Although the couple appeared in a few films, the on-screen romance of this real life couple is unforgettable to say the least. Their sweet and sour relationship in Sare Chuattor is etched forever in our mind.

romantic couples

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Bhanu Ruma

The king of romantic comedy, Bhanu with the gorgeous Ruma Guhathakurta has created a new level of romance on screen. Their films Ashiteo Ashiona and Personal Assistant can be watched again and again. Who can ever forget their candid love song Tumi akash ekhon jodi hote !