There are many beautiful resorts in the Dooars area but Barodabri Malangi Lodge needs a special mention. Barodabri Malangi Lodge has a special location from where you can explore raw nature, old fort, safaris and so much more.

Barodabri Malangi Lodge is situated near the Hasimara Air Force Base and Army cantonment. The lodge is quite near to the highway which makes it easy to reach.

Once you reach the Barodabri Malangi Lodge, you will be greeted by greenery all around. A beautiful garden with flowers surrounds the lodge. Its backyard area is huge – actually it is a fringe of the Chilapata Forest itself. Many tourists have spotted many kinds of wildlife and birds here from the lodge including the deer. Do not be surprised to be woken by peacock calls and see one roaming in the backyard.

WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge

WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge

The WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge is popular among tourists for its facilities. You can book your elephant safari from here. As there is only elephant for the safari, it can be difficult to get bookings. However tourists staying at Barodabri Malangi Lodge get a priority for elephant safari. You can also book a jeep safari from the lodge.

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The Malangi Lodge gets its name from the River Malangi that flows nearby the lodge. This lodge is situated in a very appropriate location. The Chilapata forest is just nearby and it is also close to the Jaldapara Forest.  It is also quite near to the Bhutan border.

The Barodabri Malangi Lodge is maintained by WBFDC, West Bengal’s Forest Department. This beautiful lodge is simply but well furnished. There are ten rooms with two dormitories with AC/Non AC options. Rooms have interesting names like Hollong, Jayanti, Kaljani and Torsha. Cost for one night stay can be between Rs. 1400 to Rs. 2000 depending on the room. Taxes are additional and prices are subject to change.

Check in time is 12 noon and you to check out at 10 am. Prebook your stay online or from the booking office. Carry your booking receipt and IDs which are compulsory for check in. Food is served at the canteen. Contact the canteen beforehand so that they can keep your food ready.


There are many interesting spots to see around the Barodabri Malangi Lodge. On the other hand, the place is itself so calm and full of nature that you may want to spend all day lazing around. Explore the beautiful and huge garden area full of birds and small animals. You can also take a leisurely walk around the Malangi River that flows like bubbling stream just beside the lodge.

The Barodabri Malangi Lodgea also has a counter of the WBFDC that sells pure forest produce. Do not miss this rare opportunity to buy some organic and fresh stuff to carry back home.

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What to see near Barodabri Malangi Lodge?

WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge

Depending on your itinerary you can explore many places from Barodabri Malangi Lodge.

# Jaldapara National Park is just 15 km away from the lodge. Take a jeep safari to this beautiful forest famous for the one-horned rhinos. It is also teeming with Indian bisons, various species of deer, peacocks and elephants. Leopards are the prime predator here but it is difficult to spot these reclusive animals. Hundreds of species of birds live in the forest.

# Just 20 km away, you can also visit the South Khairbari Leopard Centre which rescues and rehabilitates wild leopards which are injured or have been caught around human habitation.

# You can also visit Rasikbil, the home to the biggest bird sanctuary in Asia.

# Kunjanagar Eco-Park is just 39 km away from Barodabri Malangi Lodge.

# Do take an elephant safari to Chilapata. There are only three rides a day carrying four tourists each time. Many tourists plan their travel itinerary according to the availability of the elephant safari. The elephant safari can take tourists closer to wild animals and into the forest better than the jeep safari. Chilapata is also a quite dense forest. You can also get a glimpse of the Torsha River.

# Deep in the Chilapata forest, do not miss the ruins of the 1500-year old fort. It is called as the Nal Rajar Garh, meaning the fort of Raja Nal. Although this fort lies in dilapidated condition, it will give you a feel of the history in real. Another interesting thing there in the Chilapata forest area is the mysterious bleeding tree found there. There is a tree called Ramgua which ‘bleeds’ when cut. The bleeding is actually the colour of the sap that flows out. Ask your guide to show it to you.

# In the Chilapata car safari, you can also take your own vehicle.  You have to take a permit and a guide with you. Limited number of vehicles are only allowed in the safari, so be sure to plan accordingly.

WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge

# If you want more adventure and the Royal Bengal Tiger, pay a visit to the Buxa Tiger Reserve. A part of Project Tiger, it is about 60 km away from Barodabri Malangi Lodge. Not only is Buxa a dense forest, it is also very picturesque.

# The Coochbehar Rajbari Palace is not very far from the Barodabri Malangi Lodge. Situated 35 km away, you can also visit the Madan Mohan Temple and the Palace and Park area.

# Just 20 km away from Barodabri Malangi Lodge is the border to Bhutan. You can travel to Phuntsholing, the border town of Bhutan. Enjoy the Bhutan Gate and the Karbandi Monastery. Even if you are not carrying your passport (subject to change) you can just get a permit through your ID and spend a day in this beautiful country.

# You can also ask the staff at Barodabri Malangi Lodge to arrange for a ride to the charming tea estates nearby.

# Tourists also pay a visit to the local villages to get an experience of tribal life and culture.

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How to reach Barodabri Malangi Lodge

WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge

You can reach Barodabri Malangi Lodge from New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri and Alipurduar station. It is 45 km away from Alipurduar. You can reach the lodge through NH 31.

By train, you can also reach Hasimara station and rent a car till the lodge. You can also ask the lodge to arrange for a pick up.

Bagdogra is the nearest airport. Rent a car from there or you can also ask at the Barodabri Malangi Lodge to arrange for a pick up if available.

You can book your stay online for WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge from

Here is a video by Youtuber Nilotpal Mazumder on WBFDC Barodabri Malangi Lodge:

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