My Travelogue contest
Do you like to travel and see the world? Is there a holiday spot you fondly remember? Is there a travel destination you would want to return again and again? Tell us about the place, how you went and what you did.
We will love to showcase your favourite travel destination.
Write it your own way and send it to us. We will publish it. That’s not all. The article which is the best + gets most likes will be the winner of the MY TRAVELOGUE CONTEST!
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Contest Ends on 10th December 2017 midnight.


Love or hate monsoons – you cannot deny that monsoon wakes many emotions and memories in us. What does monsoon mean to you? How do you spend the rainy season? Some become poets, some nostalgically stare out of the window.
Monsoon also means hot pakoras and hilsa on the plate!
Tell us about your monsoon times. Poems, stories, recipes, school memories, travel and places…
See details of the contest here: MONSOON – MY ARTICLE CONTEST

Contest Ends on 31 July 2017 midnight.


The countdown to Poila Baisakh has begun. Tell us how you celebrate this first day of the new year. What you will wear, what you will eat. How and with whom will you celebrate? Write it from your heart and send it to us. We will publish it. That’s not all. There are prizes to be won!

See details of the contest here: NABABARSHO 1424 MY ARTICLE contest
Contest Ends on 14 April 2017 midnight.


You know why this place is named Half Samosa?

Those tiny little droplets knocked on my window pane, I looked out of the window, lightening followed by a loud thunder brought goose bumps...


How I spent my holiday in a forest bungalow without a...

Bengalis are very fond of making fun and festivals. They want to enjoy life and therefore they have made for themselves so many festivals...