What is the name of Feluda’s father?

Jaykrishna Mitra was Feluda’s father who taught Mathematics and Sanskrit at Dhaka Collegiate School.

Who is Topshe’s father?

Binay Mitra is Topshe’s father and Feluda’s uncle.

What is the height of Jatayu’s hero Prakhar Rudra?

Prakhar Rudra is 6 ft 3 1/2 inches tall, with a 46 chest, 36 waist, 22 shoulders and a 8 ½ inch wide wrist.

What is the colour of Lalmohan Babu’s Ambassaador?

Lalmohan Babu has a ‘Madrasi’ Green Ambassador car.

Where does Lalmohan Ganguly live?

Lalmohan Ganguly lives in Garpar. Satyajit Ray himself spent his childhood at Garpar.

What is the name of Lalmohan Babu’s driver?

Haripada Datta is Lalmohan Babu’s trusted driver.

Maganlal Meghraj lives in Benaras but has a house in Kolkata? In which locality?

Maganlal Meghraj has a house in Joka.

What is the name of Feluda’s cook?

Srinath is Feluda’s cook and manservant.

Which was the first story of Feluda?

Feludar Goendagiri was the first Feluda story that was based in Darjeeling.

Badshahi Angti was based on which city?

Badshahi Angti was based in the city of Lucknow.

What was the name of the watch that the villain was seeking in the story ‘Gorosthane Shabdhan‘?

The rare and valuable Perigal Repeater was the motive for the crimes.

Who played the character of Mandar Bose in the Sonar Kella film?

Kamu Mukherjee played the role of the globetrotting and villainous Mandar Bose.

Who lives in Sardar Shankar Road?

Sidhu Jyetha lives in Sardar Shankar Road.

In the Feluda television series, the actor who played Maganlal Meghraj was also a fan of Utpal Dutt. He is also a doctor in psychiatry. Who is he?

Mohan Agashe was highly influenced by Utpal Dutt and joined theatre while he has an MBBS and PG degree in Psychiatry.

Which of these actors has not played Topshe on screen?

Sourav Chakraborty has never played Topshe on screen. Parambrata, Siddhartha and Shaheb have all portrayed him on screen.

Where was Feluda working before he took up his detective career?

Feluda worked in a bank before becoming a full time detective.

In Sonar Kella, Jatayu and Feluda meet for the first time on a train. From which station did he board?

Jatayu, aka Lalmohan Babu boarded the train at Kanpur station and was travelling to Jodhpur.

What is Sidhu Jetha’s full name?

Sidhu Jetha’s full name is Siddheshwar Bose.

In 2007, BBC aired two stories of Feluda. Rahul Bose gave voice to Feluda. Whose voice was used for Lalmohan babu?

Anupam Kher gave the voice for Lalmohan Ganguly.

Which actor has not played Lalmohan babu on screen?

Tarun Mazumdar has never portrayed Lalmohan Ganguly ever. Anup Kumar and Rabi Ghosh played the character along with Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Feluda. Mohan Agashe played Jatayu in the Feluda Hindi film with Shashi Kapoor.