Everybody loves Bryan Adams. You cannot not like him. For four decades, Bryan Adams has rocked our summers. His tours are sold out faster than a breath. 20 Juno Awards, Grammy award winner, Hollywood Walk of Name, MTV, ASCAP, American Music awards, Ivor Novello award – you name it and Bryan Guy Adams has it.

But he is more than a singer. He is the songwriter, record producer and guitarist. More than that, Bryan Adams is a man with a heart of gold. At one time, Bryan also helped Amy Winehouse recover from her addiction and lead a balanced life.

He has helped numerous people with his philanthropic activities. Apart from being an activist and vegetarian, he is truly one of those celebrities who truly cares. Here are some facts on Bryan Adams that every fan will be proud to share-

#1 He was paid $1 for his first contract

Talk about rising to the top! Born to British parents who settled in Canada, Bryan grew up there with his younger brother. When he was 14, Adams started to work as a dish washer so that he can save money to buy a guitar. In 1978, he got a contract for his first music label. They were not eager to pay him anything but a contract needs to have monetary transaction. So they decided to pay him $1, the lowest possible amount.

Bryan Adams

#2 He wrote his biggest hit

In 1991, Bryan Adams topped the global music charts with one of the best-selling singles of all time, Everything I Do. He had written this amazing song for the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in just under an hour.

Bryan Adams

#3 Bryan Adams is an exceptional photographer

Bryan Adams is great at photography and shoots like a pro. He has had exhibitions, books and his shots of supermodels have been on the covers of magazines like the Vogue.

The best part is that he puts his earnings from photography to charity causes. His photo books Wounded: The Legacy of War and Made in Canada are not only raising awareness but also helping researchers work on solutions.

Bryan Adams photography amy winehouse

#4 He has photographed the Queen

In 2003, Bryan Adams photographed the Queen of England in the Buckingham Palace. This shot was issued as a stamp by the Canadian government.

Life is truly an open road for him, isn’t it?

#5 He has been on Canada’s stamp

In 2009, Canada honoured Bryan Adams by issuing monochromatic stamp along with ‘living legends’ like Edith Butler, Tom Connors and Robert Charlebois.

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Bryan Adams stamp