Santosh Dutta and Jatayu are synonymous. They are the one and the same for all us Feluda lovers. We cannot imagine Feluda without his good friend Lal Mohan Ganguly aka Jatayu. He is the one with the green ambassador and who brings hot kochuris. Santosh Dutta as Jatayu has created the most loved characters in Bengali cinema.

Santosh Dutta was in profession a dedicated lawyer in Kolkata High Court and he started acting more out of passion. Can you imagine our beloved Jatayu as a hard core criminal lawyer?

Every Bengali loves Jatayu and here are some of his unforgettable scenes from Sonar Kella and Joy Baba Felunath.

Introducing Jatayu for the first time
One can never not get amused by Jatayu’s classic entry in Sonar Kella. His attempt to speaking Hindi is a expert reflection of of the plight of many Bengalis. Santosh Dutta would absorb himself in the character of Lal Mohan Babu so well that one feels that the character has come alive from the book.

Sahara-e Sihoron!
Another interesting scene and conversation from Sonar Kella. From kurpi to Sahara and hyena, Jatayu always keeps our imagination running.

Joy Baba Jatayunath
Who can forget this from Joy Baba Felunath! How enamored Jatayu had been seeing the six packed body builder.

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