There is something about the monsoon season – it has the power to transform us. Monsoon transforms nature the most. Trees turn the greenest green and rivers take their real form. Yes, it gets difficult to travel to office but that was not exactly why we were born. We were born to enjoy the rains. Some love to get wet or some are happy with a cup of hot tea, but we cannot deny that monsoon changes our life.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the rainy season that will surely win your heart and bring a smile to your face.

#1 Monsoon clouds, Gangasagar Island by Kushal Gangopadhyay
Rains make everything picturesque even before they come! Did you know Shri Krishna shares his name as Ghanashyam after dark grey rain clouds?

monsoon in west bengal

# 2 Tailor in Monsoon, Porbandar, National Geographic by Steve McCurry

One is happy whenever one wants to be happy 🙂
Renowned photographer Steve Mc Curry had travelled over the Indian subcontinent to capture some of the most iconic images of man and rain.

monsoon roads india

#3 The best things in life are free, isn’t it?

monsoon boy enjoying rains india

#4 Oh God’s own country Kerela!

monsoon clouds kerela india

monsoon rain water kerela india

#5 Colour of rainy season? It is blue and green. A dreamy shot of Majuli Island on Brahmaputra River in Manipur by Kalai Sukanta.

monsoon majuli island brahmaputra river manipur india

#6 Rains or not, people and elephants have a job to finish.

Photo by Steve McCurry

monsoon sri lanka rains elephant


monsoon india rains elephant

#7 We fall for the waterfalls as the rain brings out their true beauty

monsoon india rain waterfalls

#8 How does the rainy season look in Cherrapunji? Out of this world!

monsoon india rain waterfalls cherrapunji

monsoon india after rain waterfalls cherrapunji

#9 Who can stop the child in us? Monsoon by Sturla Gunnarsson

#10 Stilt fishing on a monsoon day, Sri Lanka by Steve McCurry

monsoon sri lanka fishing

And at last, what’s a monsoon with a selfie! Do not get too busy so that you forget to enjoy the rainy season. Enjoy it your way!

monsoon india couple camera

Image credits:, Pinterest, Meers’s blog, Wikipedia, Raxacollective, North East Tourism,, PTI