This is especially for our readers who spend hours on HalfSamosa. Here is an extract from ‘You Can Be Your Tree of Money’ by wellness author Jean Lawrence. We will publish this book in parts with due permission from the author.
This is the fourth part of the series. 

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Health is the biggest wealth

Chapter 6 – Physical well-being and abundance

How often have you felt worn out and close-to-dead after your day’s end? Worse than physical tiredness, is mental exhaustion. We are too fatigued to try something new, to take care of our bodies or simply do what we would otherwise love to do.  This situation is being un-abundant too.

Nature loves freedom and so does money being a part of this create world. If we are not able to free ourselves mentally from this slavery- drudgery cycle, there will still remain a gap between abundance and us.

Nothing is as precious as our health and well-being. Physically fit people are happier and more aligned to the state of wealth.

Every creature on earth in their natural state is physically in shape. In the wild under normal circumstances, you will never ever see a fat deer that has eaten too much or a tiger suffering from cavities because he does not brush. It is almost ridiculous how much fear we carry with us. It only keeps us moving away from nature. We have rejected the natural and adopted the artificial when it comes to our beliefs on health and wealth.

Take inspiration from the cheetah’s sleek body or a wolf’s smooth fur. There is no better therapy than nature.

Unwind your mind and open it up, start seeing with new eyes. A gym trainer shows you what workouts to do, but it is you who has to make the effort to train the muscles.  You know where to look, but it is you again, who has to open the door and walk the path.

 Nature’s nature is in freedom and total living.

Our heath is so much dependent on our mental state that doctors and psychiatrists have labeled the term ‘psychosomatic’. The psychosomatic disease is now the serious study of those ailments that arise from the ill state of our minds. It will not be surprising if any in-depth study would definitely reveal that all diseases first arise in the mind and then manifest in the physical plane.

Our minds can be so tricky towards us. We let slip the very thing that we want; we blurt and do the very act we would have avoided. We come to face the very situation we never want to.

In these situations, nothing seems right and nothing works right. No piece of advice is sympathetic enough at that time. On the contrary, a positive input can also aggravate the perturbed-ness of the individual. A bundle of pain and pressure that has burst its walls and like red hot lava your emotions flow out from the volcano that has become you.

Take heart from the fact that even the calmest of men have their storms.  You cannot fight lava; you have to let it flow for even the hottest lava will create the next layer of fruit-bearing soil.

That is the how nature works on earth and we being children of the earth are acutely connected to her ways too. Anger needs to flow out in a constructive manner. Anger has a reason to occur, the power to transform a situation.  Anger is different from rage because rage is like an uncontrolled destructive state of the mind leading to aggressive physical activity.

Anger goes against wealth and health 

The thin line between anger and rage is awareness. When you are aware and in touch with body, you are connected with yourself. You are aware of the emotional waves in you, no matter how strong.

The mind does not differentiate between good thoughts or bad thoughts. It only understands what you have given it – gathering from your surroundings, education and lifestyle. Being aware of yourself can stop you from being cruel to being kind.

Pent-up anger is extremely bad for the human body; imagine the hot lava inside the volcano. We tend to pay attention only after the volcano has burst, in other words, when it has already harmed the body. Some very common patterns that we see occurring are heart attack, blood pressure issues, blood sugar levels, gastric and indigestion troubles. Do some research yourself and you will find a wealth of information on how the mental state affects physical health, which is our greatest wealth. Internet is a wonderful tool for this.

Since awareness is key to a good life, imagine the impact of being fully aware of your abundance thoughts. Awareness and neutral observation of our thoughts and feelings is all that is required to free ourselves of any bad habit, negative thoughts and destructive habits.

At some point of everyone’s life, the habit of mediation must be incorporated. You do not have to mediate strictly in the lotus form, mediation comes in innumerable and in any seating.

True meditation is a state when the mind is thoughtless. Meditation is the most efficient way to increase awareness. Meditation combined with light yoga or exercise will help you achieve awareness of great levels. Visualization combined with meditation and yoga is a complete package for a path to physical, mental and spiritual abundance.

A Note from the Author

I am grateful to the readers who are striving to make their lives better and more balanced; for it is our quest to grow that defines everything else. Never stop asking, never be not curious, and never settle for the so-called normal. You will be everything that you wished for.

Let me know your hopes and doubts at and I will be glad to respond to you.

– Jean Lawrence