Not many of us have had the privilege to see brilliant and fabled actor Soumitra Chatterjee on stage live in theatre. Where most of the actors are generally shifting from theatre to films, this Dadasaheb Phalke winning legendary artist has been the contrary. Mr. Chatterjee in contemporary times has probably been more active on stage than on screen – reestablishing the fact that geniuses do think differently than the commonplace.

(He) is the only public theatre director whose innovative planning for stage productions and his thought-provoking style of presenting different sequences on the stage hardly has any difference with the group theatre director’’s mode of working. He has given public theatre, a completely different look from many standpoints. His plays focus on contemporary life mixed with crisis and confrontation.’
~ Director-actor Meghnad Bhattacharya on Soumitra Chatterjee,

Mr. Chatterjee is active in acting and directing plays and while we wait for the moment to see him live one day, we can right now see the master perform at the Indian Museum in Kolkata on Rabindaranth Tagore’s story Boshtomi.

Boshtomi is a heart touching story. Soumitro role-plays the entity written in first person by Tagore recounting the tale of his journey to a quiet place to find meaning to life where he meets the boshtomi, a female Vaishnava devotee. The boshtomi adores him devotedly, as she finds the spark of divinity in the goodness of man.

The story unfolds a beautiful but contrasting journey of two people searching for the same destination. Soumitra discovers the divine not in the intellectual pursuit but in the simple ways of looking at life through boshtomi’s eyes. Boshtomi is unattached and begs for her food by choice which is unacceptable in the protagonist’s foreign educated scholarly world. She sees divine in everything good and beautiful teaching the one who wants to learn. The climax of the story is Boshtomi’s past, when she narrates her early marriage, her immature role as a mother, her serene husband and the encounter with a false godman that leads to her ultimate disillusion from the worldly affairs and starts her own genuine journey towards the divine.