Ancient sages of India have spoken about perception and mental projection. They speak of ‘Maya’ – the fact that this world is an illusion. They have said that our world, all we perceive as existing is not the full reality. This further establishes that what we think of as time and space is also a projection.

Albert Einstein has been considered the greatest and the most intelligent scientist of our generation, along with Nikola Tesla. Einstein had propounded a theory of where he mentions time as space as illusion. This conforms that spiritual knowledge and science are talking about the same thing.

What do we actually mean that space and time does not exist? Does it mean we would not get old? Or are our clocks wrong?

If time is an illusion, why would all the clocks in the world function in the same manner?

Actually, this means that earth time is not universally true. Distance is not how we perceive it to be on this plane.

When we speak of these quanta based theories we have to think not only of the earth. We need to have a panoramic view of the whole universe.

Time Einstein illusion earth universe

Let us take a simple example.

A rocket has left the earth with human astronauts.

These astronauts have watches with them and they will go around in space for five ‘earth’ years. We say it is one year when the earth has completed a round with the sun in the centre. But when you go out of the earth’s boundaries, there is no reference.

So these astronauts are carrying watches that will go on for five earth years to give them a measurement of time passed. They cross the solar system and go far beyond into the space.

But something else is happening back home.

The Universe is expanding. Due to this expansion, the earth is also expanding its orbit. It is very less to be perceived here on earth, yet it gathers distance over a long period of time.

As the earth’s orbit is expanding, but its speed of going around the sun remains the same, it will take few seconds more to finish this year. The distance covered by earth has increased.

That means the astronauts’ year and earth’s year are now not the same! So when the astronauts come back they would assume that 5 years have passed, whereas on earth, it is still to pass.

Although in five years the difference in the watches would be nominal, this is a great example how time -as we know it – is an illusion.

So we cannot consider it as a universal truth.

Ancient Hindus had mentioned of an absolutely perfect way to measure time. Vedic texts in India had extensive details on atom and molecules. Those speak of time as kaal, and the smallest unit of time measurement – which is the movement of the electron around the atom.

This is such a perfect measure – it will not change on other planets, in space or anywhere in existence. This time is truly universal.

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