Tapan Sinha is one of those legendary film directors who took Indian cinema to towering standards. Awarded nationally and internationally, his films have stood the test of time and are considered the milestones of Indian cinema.

One of his favourite actors to cast was Soumitra Chattopadhyay. When a great director gets a master actor, the result is a work of art.

Khudita Pashan
Rabindranath Tagore’s story, Tapan Sinha as direction and Soumitra Chattopadhyay as the lead role – a magnum opus of a movie. Khudito Pashan or the Hungry Stones is one of the foremost examples of how magic can be created using just light and shadows. This was the first time Soumitro was cast in a Tapan Sinha movie.

Tapan Sinha film

Based on a true story, Soumitro was the school teacher who witnesses the murder by his ex-students. Tapan Sinha’s this movie is the most controversial one.  One could really feel the chills of terror in this aptly named film.

Tapan Sinha soumitra

This movie is less celebrated but stands strong when it comes to a social message.

Tapan Sinha madhabi

Wheel Chair
Soumitra plays a strong role in this acclaimed movie of a woman finding her way back to health and life.

Tapan Sinha movie

Ajab Ganyer Ajab Katha
Based on the story written by distinguished Bengali writer Shirsendu Mukhopadhay, this is ‘a strange story of a strange village’. This semi-fantasy film aimed for children and adults gives a beautiful message of self-reliability.

Tapan Sinha story

Jhinder Bandi
Under the direction of Tapan Sinha, we get to see the versatility of Soumitra. The gentle and romantic actor is now the cruel and deceitful Mayurbahan. When Soumitra played this role against Uttam Kumar, he was comparatively a newcomer in the Bengali films. His superb acting skills won over the film lovers’ hearts. This is also the first film where we see Uttam Kumar and Soumitra together.

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