In the last few decades many students and professionals have opted for online MBA as well part-time MBA, correspondence MBA and Executive MBA. But ask a faculty and he would always tell you that there is nothing like the full time MBA. However according to a recent study by the Dean of Haas Business School, as per the trend catching up, half of the MBA/business schools in USA will close down in the next 10 years because it will be the long distance MBAs that will dominate the market.

At the end all that counts is the job that you get after completing the course. Let us see how online MBA goes with the employers and students versus the regular MBA.

Online MBAs make you free of location constraints that normal MBA cannot. It gives you access to the best universities and their courses. You can attend an online MBA class anywhere in the world and  you can have the access to the best and the latest.

Your class timing will not be bound so strictly. Things like attendance percentage, which are meant to discipline and not teach, will not bother you anymore. It is your time, how well you use it will be your sense of self-discipline which is a more valuable asset.


It costs way less than a regular full time MBA. While a classroom MBA costs in multiple lakhs of Indian rupees, an online MBA will a fraction or less than 10% of the cost. MBA degree is an investment, you should think beforehand how many years it will take for you to reach breakeven. Online degrees investment will give a profitable return to you from the first few months whereas it takes years to pay out an MBA loan.
Do your job and pursue your degree. What is better than this? Just as there is value in an MBA degree so is there value for work experience. Degree worth is multiplied when it has work experience with it. It shows your desire for growth and betterment.

MBA can be practically useless if you do not have experience. Most MBA classrooms give great books and teachers but give poor market exposure to students. Definition of marketing does not teach how to do it, experience does.

Universities and B-schools

Nowadays all the good universities and schools in India, US and almost everywhere, offer their MBA course online as well as classroom. They have realized that there are many people who can be reached and taught this way also. If you could not get an admission in a good MBA classroom course, you can always opt for their online course.

Although online students miss out on the real live social networking and interaction, they have facilities to catch up professors and leaders online.  With the onset of technology, it is not difficult to get in touch with and interact live with them. In fact sometimes online students seem to have more contact and interaction with faculty than the regular ones.


No boring lectures
You are free from the sleepy days. You are your own leader. You will study when it is comfortable for you and it may be in the middle of the night.

You get responsible
You get responsible for what you are learning and for how long you give attention to it. Tests, exams and project work will be there as in the classrooms but it is you who will have made the effort to learn it in your private corner. In a way, it also triumphs over the disturbing students in the class who can seriously bring down the learning environment.


At last what the employers say, counts the most. . Although some employers do prefer to follow the stereotyped orthodox way of having to pass a class, most of the organizations and the successful corporate houses don’t care whether you have an online, part time or full time MBA as long as you are fit for the job.
An employer would first see how good the candidate is terms of communication and attitude. Secondly they see the credibility of the university or business school and its affiliation. Then they see your experience and it is of extreme importance. A candidate gets the approval on the basis of all these factors.