If you live in Kolkata and love to travel, bookmark this page. There are many places around Kolkata that are perfect for a weekend destination or short trip.

There are many popular destinations near Kolkata but we will not tell about those ones. Here we have listed more than fifteen weekend destinations which are either new or lesser explored. All these places make a great weekend trip or a one-night stay. Some are perfectly suited for a day trip or picnic. If you have missed the previous lists, see here:

So bookmark this pager and start to plan for your next weekend trips. Here is the fourth list of the series –

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#16 Bethuadahari

About 140 km away from Kolkata is the Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary in the district of Nadia. It is a comparatively small forest but worth the trip. You will find lots of greenery and peace with small animals like the mongoose, deer and rabbits. The songs of birds will refresh you. The place is famous for the rock python and gharial. Do not worry, it is safe to take a boat ride in the lake with the gharials around.

weekend destinations from kolkata bethuadahari

Bethuadahari is also a good spot for a day picnic or simply a weekend stay. There are lodging options available and some are quite budget friendly. The entry fee to Bethuadahari sanctuary is Rs. 10 only and there is no charge for camera (except video camera). It is easily accessible from Kolkata by train, bus or car.

#17 Raichak

weekend destinations from kolkata raichak

If you want a bit of luxury with dash of nature, then Raichak should be your pick. About 50 km from Kolkata, this makes a great weekend destination. Stay overnight. See more about Raichak here.

#18 Deulghata

weekend destinations from kolkata deulghata

Deulghata is no less in beauty than Bishnupur but is not much maintained. It is very near to Purulia and has captivating temples from the Gupta Era. Deulghata makes an amazing photography spot and these temples are an un-missable part of our heritage. There is a chill in watching these old temples in the midst of green forests.

Deulghata has no lodging options so stay at Purulia overnight. Deulghata is not ver far fromAyodhya Pahar so you can also go for a trip there and do some shopping in Purulia.

#19 Sabuj Deep & Somra Bazar

weekend destinations from kolkata somrabazar

Just 85 km away from Kolkata is the hotspot of Somra bazar and Sabuj Deep. This place has something to offer for everybody. Somrabazar is famous for its old terracotta temples and zamindar houses. Somra bazaar is also associated with an iconic figure, Rani Rasmoni.

The temple  around Somrabazar and surrounding areas like Sukharia are highly cherished for their architecture and archaeological value. Very near to Somrabazar is a nature lover’s perfect spot, Sabuj Deep.

weekend destinations from kolkata sabuj deep

Just as the name says, Sabuj deep is a green oasis in the middle of the river waters. It is river-island which has been formed in the rich alluvial waters of Behula and Hoogly rivers conjunction. A wonderful picnic and photography spot, it is home to hundreds of migratory birds in winter.

Stay overnight at Somra bazaar where there are plenty of options and in the daytime explore history and nature both.

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#20 Nachan

Nachan, pronounced as Nachon, is one of a kind weekend destination. Nachan is situated in Bardhaman and only 20 km away from Durgapur. The Nachan bungalow is made for those who want to enjoy the Nachan Bird Sanctuary and Nature Park. Spend all day beside lake full of lotus, watch the fishermen and simply relax. On the opposite side of the lake is the dense Garh Forest full of sal and shimul trees.

Click your heart away. There is no one to disturb you here. The only alarm is the song of birds and the only routine is your own.

weekend destinations from kolkata nachan

The Nachan Forest Bungalow is pretty but you have to carry the raw materials for your food. The cook will make delicious meals for you. If you want you can also visit the villages around the place.

Nachan is waiting to be your next weekend destination.


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