15 Most Magnificent Summer Flowers In India

When the summer season arrives in India, most of stay prefer indoors. However for Mother Nature, it is a time to show off her beauty and wonders. While we are blessed with juicy fruits in Indian summers, we are also lucky to have some of the most gorgeous flowers on planet earth. Here is a list of some magnificent summer flowers in India.

Summer Flowers that light up the garden

We start with those that are nowadays commonly found in the gardens of India.


The summer is incomplete without the bright sunflower. Keeping its face towards the su, you can never be unhappy in the company of a sunflower.

Summer Flowers in India in the garden

Although the genus of Helianthus flower is said to have been introduced in India from North America and is not a native plant, records show the use of sunflower in India since thousands of years.

Sunflower fields are not only a great harvest for the farmers but also attracts thousands of bees and birds. It can easily grown in pots and with little care, it becomes one of the most magnificent summer flowers to grace the garden.


Hibiscus grows all year round but the summer season is when it blooms the most. Hibiscus come in multitude of colours ranging from deep red to white to shades of yellow.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

It is easy to grow hibiscus in the garden and as it is used for religious ceremonies, it is one of the most popular summer flowers in India. All the varieties of Hibiscus look equally stunning.


Easy to maintain, Petunias will give you a burst of colour in the full sun. The Petunia originated in South America but nowadays it is commonly found in all nurseries in India.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

It grows in multiple colours and loves lots of water and warmth. If you are planing to get one, avoid buying seeds. It is easy to get potted petunias at affordable price in every nursery.


Although marigold is more popular as a winter plant, it blooms equally well in summers with the right care. Dazzling in shades of yellow and orange with its unique essence, it also keeps away pests and mosquitoes.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

The humble marigold in all its varied types is definitely one of the most common summer plants in India.


A pair of lilies in the garden is definitely an eye catcher. There are numerous colours and types of lilies available.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

Right from ball lily to amaryllis, a lily will bloom through the summer and monsoon till the onset of winter in India. Cut the blossoms and place it in your flower vase to transform your home.

Passion flower

Passiflora or passion flower is one of the most amazing summer flowers in India. Hundreds of subspecies of passiflora are found in the Indian subcontinent. Locally it called as Jhumka lata, and is extremely sought after for its unique look.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

The passion flower is a climber and easy to care plant but it may not be very easy to find one always in the nursery.

Red Powder Puff

This gorgeous flower is a winner when it comes to summer flowers in India. It is an easy to care plant and very disease resistant. All it needs is ample watering and fertilization and it will give you gorgeous red blooms all throughout the year. In the summer, this plant becomes a fiery ball of red puffs attracting bees and sunbirds.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden

Red Powder Puff can grow into a tree but it also grows well in a medium to big sized pot. It blooms in red, pink and white.

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Fragrant flowers that grow in the Indian summers 

India is blessed with fragrant flowers. No other country in the world has so many fragrant flowers growing in the summer season. Most of these perfumed blooms come in white and are small in size but win hands down in winning our heart.

Beli/ Mogra/ Parijat

Beli, Mogra, Parijat are all types of Jasmine flowers. These are milky white with divine fragrance. No wonder these blooms are offered to the holy. If you look closely, it is the simple jasmine that is the truly the best of all summer flowers of India.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden most fragrant

In every corner of India, you will find some type of a jasmine blooming in summers. There are over ten types of jasmine. Some bloom at night transforming the place with its fragrance. The Parijat is especially night flowering hence named the night flowering jasmine. Crape Jasmine is locally called the tagar and Arabian Jasmine as Mogra.

Gardenia / Gandharaj

When we speak of fragrant flowers, the gardenia or gandharaj wins hands down. Beautiful like a milky white rose, even one blooming flower will uplift the whole place with its fragrance.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden most fragrant

Gandharaj opens its petals at night and blooms for days. This native plant attracts butterflies and bees making it one of the most amazing summer flowers of India.


Most of think that roses grow best in winters but it is not entirely true. With proper watering and care, roses will bloom all throughout the summer season.

Summer Flowers of India in the garden rose

Roses love direct sunlight and with ample watering and fertilization, your garden will be adorned with big and beautiful roses all throughout the summers. Trim the stems just at the onset of the monsoons.


There aremore than 200 species of magnolia spread around the planet. But the Magnolia champaca is the most special of all. Commonly called as the Champa flower in India, it is said to originally grow in the Himalayan regions. However species of Champa can be found in almost all Indian states.

Summer Flowers of India most fragrant Golden Magnolia Champa

The golden champa is the one of the most wonderful flowers to grow on the planet. The interesting thing about the golden champa is that it looks plain and simple but it has the greatest fragrance. It is said that if one Indian golden champa blooms, its perfume spreads all over the forest. You perhaps cannot even find out where the tree is but it will let the whole forest know of its presence by its fragrance.

Golden Champa or Magnolia blooms best in the summer season making it probably the greatest of all summer flowers in India.


The lotus loves the warm season and while we complain of stifling heat, a pond full of fragrant lotus is nothing short of a paradise. White,pink or blue, the lotus has been a symbol of purity since thousands of years by Hindus and Buddhists.

Summer Flowers of India most fragrant lotus

Want to grow your own lotus at home? With the availability of hybrid dwarf lotus, it is possible to grow it at home in a bucket. You can check out these lotus seeds here.

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Flowering trees of India that deck up in summers 

All over India, flowering trees deck up in the summers attracting pollinators like innumerable birds, bees and butterflies. These flowering trees on full bloom turn the any place into a real stunner. Here are some of the trees with the best summer flowers in India.

Gulmohar / Krishnachura / Radhachura

Gulmohar, regionally popular as Krishnachura is a tree that urns into a gorgeous red head in the heat of the summer season. Loaded with red flowers, the tree top gets almost covered by the blooms.

Summer Flowers and trees of India Gulmohar Krishnachura

Its rarer yellow-coloured variant is called Radhachura and it is equally stunning. This tree in summer decoarates the ground with its flowery carpet. Commonly found across India, Gulmohar is one of the most loved summer flower trees.

Golden shower tree

As the name says, this tree is a shower of yellow gold. This beauty from the Indian subcontinent blooms best in the full sun of the summers. Blooms hang like radiant chandeliers attracting birds and bees.

Summer Flowers and trees of India most beautiful Golden Shower tree

One of the most beautiful summer flowers in India, the seeds of the Golden Shower Tree also provides food for cattle and people.

Pride of India / Jarul

The Pride of India,  also called the Queen Crape Myrtle blooms in the peak of the summer season. It is one of the most beautiful trees on the planet. It looks similar to a gulmohar whose foliage is covered by its radiant blooms.

Summer Flowers and trees of India most beautiful Pride of India

The most special characteristic is the colour of the blooms. The blooms can be lavender to mauve to light pink in shades. A Pride of India in full bloom is sure to stop you in your tracks and enjoy the the beauty of it for a moment!

Image credits: Flickr, Pixabay

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