Whether you are a good driver or a new driver – be extra aware in the rainy season. Although bad roads make driving difficult in the rainy season but with these tips you will drive just fine. In fact, many people like to go on long drives to enjoy the rains. For fun or work – always follow these basic tips.

Here are some simple things to do that will ensure safe and nice driving for you. Stay safe and keep others safe also –

  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicles that are ahead of you. Skidding is common in monsoon roads and it is better to be safe than sorry. Wet roads give very poor grip and you should have enough distance to avoid obstacles that to ram into it.

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  • In the rainy season, brakes can become less effective. So try to maneuver the vehicle with minimum brake use. Slow or stop your vehicle using the combination of the clutch, brake and accelerator.  Also, you should check the brake fluid definitely in the rainy season.
  • If you are going for a long drive, it is common sense to check the weather updates for any unexpected mishaps. Best to finish your drive within the day. Darkness and rain do not go well for drivers, even in good roads.
  • Use your headlight and taillight even during the day. If you are using wipers, it is safer to keep the headlights on. Always keep headlight dipped so that the low beam doesn’t disturb the opposite drivers.
  • Are your tyres bald? Bald tyres are very bad for the rainy season. Always keep an eye on the tread depth of the tyre. Also maintain the right tyre pressure.
  • The same applies for your wipers. Check beforehand that the wipers are in working condition. Check the water level for the wiper. In fact, before the rainy season steps in, it is always recommended to service your car.
  • Do not make any sudden change in steering. This can lead to skidding. If there is a pothole, reduce your speed and direct your vehicle cautiously.
  • Most of the roads are left with a mix of rainwater and oil making it more slippery. This especially happens during the first shower after a gap.
  • When parking your car, use parking brakes. Do not park under trees or electric wires. Avoid parking in places which are too close to the main traffic. This is to avoid damage to your vehicle in case of any mishap which is common during the rainy season.

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  • Check if rain water is seeping through your headlamps or through anywhere else in the car that can damage it. Also look out for rats – due to water logging rats can take refuge in your car and nibble at your wires.
  • Do not hurry on wet roads. Better to leave early and reach safe.
  • If it rains too heavily and the visibility gets poor, stay off the road. Let the visibility improve. This is one common reason for accidents in Indian roads.
  • Do not drive on overflowing bridges although the water level seems low. Even a low water level can have enough current to take away cars and trucks.
  • If water levels are high in the road, avoid driving there. Water will enter into your car and spoil the interiors. Worse the car may stop working due to water entering into the engine. On top of that, you will not be able to see if there is a pothole or manhole making it all the more risky.
  • Keep a low speed on bridges and flyovers. The chances of skidding and hitting double here.
  • Be patient with people driving two wheelers. They are having a more difficult time than you. Do not follow them too closely. Also look out for pedestrians and be careful that you do not dash water on them by driving like a jerk.

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  • Old and overly used cars should check if the rubber strips around the doors and other parts are still alright. You do not want those to come off if it rains.
  • Carry a first aid kit and contact number for on-road assistance just in case. Keep a heavy object like a hammer in case the car door gets jammed where power windows may also fail. The object should help to break through the glass.
  • Also keep an umbrella so that you can keep your car dry. If you enter wet often, the interior of the car will start to get humid and get fungus. For the odour use car perfume.
  • Nowadays most roads are made of concrete which are more slippery than the tar roads. Watch out for those roads.
  • In a nutshell – check your car’s health, keep yourself visible, watch out for others, drive at your own pace even if it is slow – and remember these practical tips.