Time travel. Big Bang. Multiple universes!

Bizarre yet very interesting as concepts. But what does it have to do with our day to day life?

Physicists draw theories in labs in white coats and rightfully as they win accolade from the scientific community, it remains mostly aloof from our common man’s life. However, all this may soon change. What sounds like science fiction will become fact and is bound to affect our daily life.

Here are some concepts that we all must be aware of. Knowledge is power, after all. All efforts have been made to strip these bizarre complicated theories into a basic and practically understandable form.

#1 Quantum physics/mechanics

bizarre space time concept which is our reality

You must have heard of it. Quantum physics sounds quite alien to many but it is not. In fact scanners, lasers and even the chip in your mobile and PC owe it to quantum physics. Quantum research is basically the study of how a ‘quanta’ functions. Quanta is the subatomic particle and the smallest unit found till date.

Quanta are believed to act both as a particle and wave. Scientists are deeply studying quantum foam and discovering bizarre mind-bending realities.

No one really knows for sure how the or why quanta behaves as it does. But undoubtedly quantum physics is the leader of science in future. We are destined to live with it.

#2 Black holes

bizarre space time concept which is our reality

We have comfortably settles with the imagination that the sinister all-eating black hole is billions of miles away and we are totally safe from it. Not anymore.

The scientific breakthrough known as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN brings black holes very close to home. This huge 27-km long machine in simplest words, collides two particles. A lot of things happen due to this. One of those is a side effect – the creation of extremely tiny black holes.

How does it affect us? Scientists are not sure and the PRs are content in saying that it is safe. But if the degree of this experiment of even the tiniest fraction gets uncontrolled, the whole city – or even the area of Europe could get sucked into the black hole. And that’s not just a theory anymore for scientists but a potential risk that all are aware of.

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#3 Time travel

bizarre space time concept time travel

To many and for long, time travel sounds as absurd as winding a clock backwards takes you to the past. Until the concept of time changed.

Time does not move, we move. It’s like sitting in the train and going from point A to point B. However from our perspective, we feel we are stationary and time is moving. Actually we constantly move from event to event at a steady pace.

This also means scientists have got a new window. Researchers in government and private are making extensive experiments on this illuminating concept of time. It is believed that time travel has been made experimentally possible in labs at the quantum or subatomic levels.

On top of that, some corporates want to explore time and use time to their practical, and profitable use.

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#4 Multiverse

bizarre space time concept multiple universe dimensions

Multiple universe theory has been a popular topic across science fiction writers and so-called conspiracy theorists. In 1957, physicist Hugh Everett scientifically proved this bizarre theory to be true.

Multiverse or call it multiple universe – is too interesting and too complex. It says this universe where we live and see around us is not the only one. There are many, hundreds to even millions of universes which are just like this one. We exist in each universe, with our friends and family, car and pets. But each universe is not the exact same, and differs a little because of the choices we make.

Say, you wanted to have eggs for breakfast but you did not get eggs. So while you exist now with a ‘no-egg’ breakfast, another you exists who did have eggs. Every day we make choices, most of those unknowingly and out of habit but each of these decisions leads to another of us in another universe.

So in another universe, no atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima-Nagasaki, there was no Holocaust, Gandhi was not assassinated and Netaji’s plane did not crash. In another universe, we exist in a world without global warming because we cared about the earth.

Sounds good, isn’t it? After all, it is our choices that make us who we are.

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