5 B&W Bengali film songs that will make you happy every time

Good music is timeless. It is beyond language, era or man-made bars. There are hundreds of B&W Bengali films which have given – and still giving us – unforgettable music.

Songs like these will probably never be made again. Such music will be created again as those masters are no more. But we still have gems from the B&W films to enjoy.

Here are five B&W songs that lift our spirits anytime we listen to those. Tell us which one is your ‘happy song’.

Amar Ei Jouban
Sare Chuattor is alandmark film and Amar ei Jouban is a landmark song. This song proves that not all favourite songs have to be boy-girl romantic song. Sometimes a multi-voice chorus can make you feel all the love and joy.
Kalipada Sen’s wins our heart with his music. The song was sung by Shyamal Mitra, Manabendra Mukherjee, Dwijen Mukherjee, Dhananjay Bhattacharya, Pannalal Bhattacharya and Sanat Sinha and the best is we can them all here in this song video.

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Madhobi Modhupey Holo Mitali
Deya Neya, apart from the fact that it is a very entertaining film, has also given us wonderful songs. Madhobi Modhupey Holo Mitali is beautiful and peppy. Tanuja is at her romantic best and you cannot deny that she has been the one of cutest actress of Indian cinema. Arati Mukherjee’s voice synced with Tanuja perfectly. Shyamal Mitra gave music for this wonderful song.

Ami Miss Calcutta
Time for some tomfoolery and monkey business and you have Basanta Bilap. Soumitra vs Aparna reaches its zenith in the song Ami Miss Calcutta 1976. This out of the box song was written by Pulak Banerjee and sung by Arati Mukherjee.

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Ei Meghla Dine Ekla
Very young Biswajeet in a romantic mood from the film Shesh Porjonto. Hemanta Mukherjee gave music to Ei Meghla Dine Ekla.

Maharaja Tomare Selam
This is like the delightful dessert at the end of satisfying meal. No more words needed.

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