Yes we all do love comedy films, don’t we? Who will not enjoy a good laugh?
But a great comedy film needs a great comic actor. And when we speak of a great comic actor in Bengali cinema, Bhanu Bandopadhyay is the King!

Bhanu is not just an actor. He is a phenomenon whose mere presence would make a film enjoyable. Bhanu Bandopadhyay was a highly intelligent man whose excelled in comedy as well as in  academics.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian and paved his way to the top during the Golden Age of Bengali cinema. He scintillated in all roles and could imitate various accents like it was in his skin.

Bhanu Bandopadhyay has acted in over 300 films in his career. We have selected our favourites that we like to watch again and again. Let us know yours too.

Sarey Chuattor
Sarey Chuattor is a top gun in many film lists. In this we see a very young Bhanu comically gazing at Suchitra Sen with his mess mates.
It is here in this film was the Bengali’s historical quote –
“Masima, malpo khamu”

Bhanu bandopadhyay sare chuattor

Personal Assistant

What is in a name? Ask Roma Gupta. It was the name that helped him get a job and then  changing it made him into a successful author.
Personal Assistant is one of the best comic films ever made till date- not only in Indian but also in global cinema. Do not miss how to train yourself on the piano ‘typing’.

Bhanu bandopadhyay comedy film bengali

Ashiteo Ashiona

Many dream of eternal youth but probably not exactly this way!
This was the film when Bhanu was young again and back in youth form. This was the film where Bhanu was confident that he is under the ‘jol police’. This was the film when Bhanu and his wife sang the most romantic comedy song ever. You can listen to it here.

Bhanu bandopadhyay comedy actor bengali

Jamalaye Jibonto Manush

If you thought Bhanu is only for laughs, you are wrong. He could make the whole heaven turn upside down and drive Yamaraja out of Yamalok. If you have ever wondered what happens to life after death, you should watch this.

Bhanu bandopadhyay comedy actor bengali

Miss Priyangbada

“Sebai toh amader dhormo..Tar opor ami manush”

Bhanu Bandopadhyay is the founding father of all Mrs. Doubtfires and Chachis 420s. While we laugh our guts out, Miss Priyangbada stands tall and graceful. Just like Doli’s mama fell in love with Miss Priyangbada, we too are in love with this beautiful nurse.

Bhanu bandopadhyay miss priyangbada

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