Whether we believe in reincarnation or not, we always love a good reincarnation story. Stories of how people take birth to fulfill their undone tasks and bring justice always entice us. There is an aura of suspense – a mystery that forever attracts us.

Films based on reincarnation and rebirth has been a popular subject. Most of us have seen one and haven’t we wondered who we were in last life?

Many good films have been made on the subject in various languages. Here are some of the most interesting and well made films on rebirth listed for you. The list includes films in English, Hindi and Bengali.


reincarnation films story

This was one of the first films in Hindi cinema that features on reincarnation. A multi award winner, it is unique for another reason. It is the only film with the talented Ritwik Ghatak teaming up with Bimal Roy. This film stirred he imagination of many with its unique story-line.

The story starts with Anand (Dilip Kumar) who is going to pick up his wife and child. Hid car breaks down in the middle of storm and rain and he seeks shelter in an old house. As fate brings him here, he experiences flashbacks and familiar memories of this house. Starting up a conversation with the caretaker, Anand would delve into a unfinished business from his past life – the murder of his beloved.

Little Buddha

reincarnation films story

This is a one-of-a kind- movie. Two stories are interspersed in one film. One part shows Keanu Reeves as the young Prince Gautama, shielded by his father from the true world. In another, a group of monks search for children who would be the next Lama Dorje, their departed guru.

Three kids are shortlisted – a boy from America, another from Kathmandu and also a girl from India. While the monks and the children and their family struggle to expand their minds, we also get to see a beautiful film on Gautam’s journey to Buddha.

Khudito Pashan

reincarnation films story

This is a Tapan Sinha directed landmark Bengali film. Based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore, Soumitra Chatterjee plays the lead role.

Soumitra arrives in a small town as a tax collector and he is mesmerized by an old palatial building. Against the advice of the local, he decides to stay there.

As days go by, Soumitra starts to accept the paranormal events of the mansion. It becomes a part of his life and he merges into his past life and love. He is losing himself but he cannot let himself go. One of the best reincarnation films ever made, do not miss this.

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

reincarnation films story

This is one of those films which are full of deep suspense, full of spine chilling music and perfect for those who want to delve into the real mystery of reincarnation.

The story starts on a similar true story note where Peter Proud, a young professor starts having dreams that escalate to visions. As anyone would normally do, he seeks psychiatric help. But he is treated more as any other case and the psychiatrist cannot point the roots of his visions. Peter decides to follow his inner guidance instead, and embarks on getting the answers for himself. Gradually he realizes nothing in this world happens by accident – there is a reason behind everything – and sometimes the reasons go beyond our usual understanding.

Sonar Kella

reincarnation films story

Revolving on the theme of reincarnation itself, this is one of the favourite of film lovers. We have multiple reasons to watch this film multiple times – Soumitra as detective Feluda, loveable Lal Mohan babu, thrilling story, great scenes, Satyajit Ray, wonderful dialogues – the list goes on. This is art, suspense and entertainment at its best.


reincarnation films story

Hensman Anthony was a Portuguese who loved Bengal as his own motherland. People called him as the Antony Firingee, the European turned Bengali folk singer. But just as people of Bengal would love him, some would be as much jealous and blind with their dark orthodox thoughts. Antony’s life takes a tragic turn as his wife and house are the victims of arson at the time of the auspicious Durga puja. Antony could not get over his trauma – not even in his next life.

This 2014 musical drama is an excellent film of recent times. Probably the best role of Prosenjit Chatterjee, this is a film which will make you truly wonder and believe in reincarnation.

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