It is very important to grow as much kitchen plants as you can nowadays. What we buy from outside are most likely to contain harmful pesticides, colouring agents and artificial additions to stay fresh. Chemicals act as slow poisons in our body and we all know that.

It is so easy to grow some kitchen herbs that even a child can do it. All you need is a small planting pot or container with a few holes for water drainage, a little bit of sunlight and soil and some seeds.

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For the soil, you can get typical garden soil. Add some manure or organic fertilizer. You can also purchase ready planting soil from the nursery or online.

Here are five kitchen plants that you can grow at home easily –

#1 Coriander (Cilantro)

We need dhania patta for so many dishes. When you grow it at home there are many advantages. First, it is absolutely natural, as it should be. Second, harvest as much leaves as you need while you cook, so it will totally fresh. Plus, fresh tastes best!

Coriander seeds are available easily from your local nursery to online shopping store. Take a handful of seeds and spread it around the pot and lightly cover with soil.

Water lightly and make sure it gets sunshine for at least few hours a day. Within 2-3 days, you will start to see the seedlings. Water lightly on the small plants but make sure the soil remains wet but not soaking. Within 2-3 weeks, you will have fresh home grown coriander leaves on your plate.

#2 Fennel

The fennel (Saunf, mouri) is a beautiful little plant with delicate rich green leaves. Just like the seed, the plant smells great. Generally, you can simply throw a few seeds in the soil and the plant would grow but nowadays most seeds come processed, which means you would have to purchase the seeds.

Fennel plants may take a few months to grow and bear the fennel seeds but it totally worth the wait. You can taste a fennel fresh from the plant and not only is it healthy, juicy but also acts as a great mouth freshener. The plant will look beautiful in your balcony. Mke sure it receives ample sunlight and water.

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#3 Curry leaves

Kadi pata plants grow effortlessly. However the curry plant will grow as big as 3 to 5 feet in the pot you put in or more. You can get seeds but it easy if you get a small plant. Within one month under bright sunshine, you will get enough curry leaves and more for your kitchen needs. A curry plant stays for years.

Remember to fertilize once a month. You can also use your kitchen scraps to prepare your manure at home.

#4 Mint

Who does not love pudina chutney? Did you know mint is not easy to grow but its natural aroma from the plant will help you keep away mosquitoes and insects?

Do not try to grow mint from seeds, it can get tricky. Just buy a small plant or get a cutting from another mint plant. Put it in your pot and water regularly and give adequate sunlight. It will grow quickly and you can harvest mint leaves. Do not take off all the leaves at once from any plant. It needs leaves to prepare its own food so let some leaves be on the plant. In a short time, you will get more leaves for your dish.

#5 Spinach

Palak saag, palak paneer, palak paratha – no wonder Popeye loves it so much. Growing spinach at home requires a very less space, sunlight and water.

Just get spinach seeds and put it in the soil, lightly covering the seeds. Water daily and make sure the excess water drains off. Within a few days the seeds will germinate and if conditions are alright, you will get fresh, green spinach ready in less than a month.

In no time, you will feel that there is a special joy in growing your own kitchen plants!