A round face, bright eyes and ever smiling – how could anyone ever forget the amazing Satya Bandopadhyay! He was a brilliant actor who played many unforgettable roles.

Satya Bandopadhyay played a wide array of supporting roles – from comic to villainous with equal astuteness. He was among the favourite cast of Satyajit Ray.

Here are five treasured roles of the cherished actor Satya Bandopadhyay that we can watch again and again –

Sriman Prithviraj

satya bandopadhyay bengali actor sriman prithviraj

Sriman Prithviraj will always remain as one of the most iconic films ever with a bunch of super talented actors. As much as we enjoy the antics of Rasik the troublemaker, we equally enjoy Satya Bandopadhyay’s role as his father. Trying to discipline his son from his pampering mothers and grandmother, getting him married to hilariously fighting his jamidari dignity – he made a terrific performance as the not-so-feared landlord. He is equally pitted against the ingenious Utpal Dutt as the father-in-laws making it one of his most memorable roles ever.


satya bandopadhyay bengali actor nayak

Have you heard of the WWWW? Swamiji’s organization believes in preventing all calamities and catastrophes by bringing everyone together and with a little advertisement.

In Satyajit Ray’s classic film Nayak, Satya Bandopadhyay’s role perhaps slips in the background. There is a few minutes’ dialogue and screen presence. But the role itself is vital and speaks more without words. Sometimes we identify with this character as a viewer, of all the acts and characters that unfold on this train journey. Perhaps in the whole array of drama unfurling in the train, he is the only one who seems to be absolutely at ease and without any mental anguish.


satya bandopadhyay bengali actor kuheli

In the super hit black and white horror movie Kuheli, Satya Bandopadhyay plays the act of Dr. Chowdhury. Dr. Chowdhury is a good natured, kind and amiable doctor and a pillar of support in the godforsaken Raykuthi of Nijhumgarh. While mysterious things happen and the doctor tries to keep everyone sane and healthy, dealings get more upsetting day by day.

Kuheli is till date one of the best thrillers in Bengali cinema. Bonus, little Debashree Roy lands her first film role in Kuheli.

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satya bandopadhyay bengali actor charmurti

Tenida and his friends are ready for an adventure and it starts right on the train when they meet ‘the great sage’ Swami Ghutghutananda. His guru’s name was Tomrudhokkampittoanando and his guru’s name was Ucchand Martand Kukurdimbaghajananand. The ease with which Satya Bandopadhay played the role of Ghutghutananda and pronounced his gurus’ name is proof enough of his acting prowess.


satya bandopadhyay bengali actor mahapurush

Another tour-de-force of a film by Satyajit Ray. Although Charuprakash Ghose steals the show as Birinchibaba, yet how can he survive without his fan following. Enter Satya Bandopadhay as Nitai da, the common man wanting something happening in his life. So he requests Birinchibaba to have mercy on him and put him in 1914. That way he could buy iron cheap and sell it at current rate with profit. Truly the film Mahapurush is a synergy of charming acting performances by actors like Satya Bandopadhay.

Satya Bandopadhyay will remain in our hearts as one of those beloved actors who made the Bengali black and white cinema the golden days.