Here are the most expensive and gorgeous watches ever sold. While some people have stopped wearing watches and rely on mobile phone to see the time, watches are still alive by the look of how well luxury watches sell.

Watches have been more than simply time keeping devices. Watches have evolved into ornaments then to piece of art and then as symbols of status for the rich and famous. We must understand that the value of a precious watch increases manifold as it is presented as a limited edition, by which it is exclusively for the few. Here the watch is no more a luxury, it goes beyond that. Anyone with the resource cannot get a hand on it. Owners feel special, they feel that they have become part of an elite group.

Here are some of the most exclusive and limited edition luxury watches in the world.

Chopard 201 carat watch
Price: 25 million USD

Time becomes literally precious with this really expensive watch. No, do not expect these watches to show you latitudes, depths or temperature. If you are wondering what this watch does to be so valuable, apart from keeping time it is loaded with 874 diamonds.  There are three big diamonds in blue, pink and white and if you understand gems those are 12, 15 and 11 carats correspondingly. There were only seven of these pieces made and all are sold out. Do not worry if you missed their deal, we have some more watches for you.


Graff Hallucination watch
Price: 55 million USD

If you want to have only and only the best in the world, here is the Graff Hallucination watch for you. Graff Boutique’s timepiece is the world’s most expensive. You can spot the rare diamonds used here in the colours of blue, pink, green and orange. The diamonds come with very artistic cuttings and shapes. The clasp is made of platinum. However, this watch suits a woman’s wrist more so if you have been thinking of giving a nice gift it to your girlfriend this might just be it.


Roger Dubuis Excalibur watch
Price: 1.1 million USD

According the makers, the ‘Roger Dubuis Quatuor RD101 calibre symbolizes the mechanical magic of one of the most innovative Manufactures of the 21st century’. It is made entirely of silicon and thank god it does not boast of diamonds. Silicon is an extremely strong metal.
This is more of a masculine watch and to make a single piece it takes 2,400 man-hours. It consists of 590 distinct parts with four sprung balances that have been set at a 45 degree angle. This watch reads both gravity and the wearer’s movements into account and providing unmatched time to the millisecond.


A. Lange & Söhne Grand Complication
Price: 2.6 million USD

This mindbogglingly expensive watch has been called as ‘the most complicated and exclusive timepiece ever built by the Saxon master watchmakers’. Only six pieces are available for sale worldwide. Although this watch outwardly looks quite plain, its expertise lies inside. It has a very neatly configured enamel dial and the parts that are fitted inside are masterpiece in its own way. It has a high degree of finishing in terms of grande sonnerie (chiming mechanism) and petite sonnerie (small strike). The extremely accurate minute repeater, split-seconds watch has a perpetual calendar with moon phase display.


Jaeger-LeCoultre –  Joaillerie 101 Manchette
Price: Called ‘priceless’

This watch looks quite like a bracelet and among the squarely set diamonds, it becomes a bit difficult to find your watch. With 576 diamonds on 18-carat white gold  and a sapphire dial, there is only one piece in this world and that piece is with Queen Elizabeth right now. Jaeger LeCoultre  gifted this watch to Elizabeth II on the occasion of her 60 years of reign.