Many corporate offices keep an idol of Goddess Lakshmi. Every day she is offered incense and flowers. But that simply is a lifeless ritual representation.

We do believe in an Almighty God but we do not know how to have faith in our day to day life. The reason is that we keep the divine and our practical life separate. We tend to pray or approach the divine at either crisis points or at leisure.

This problem is worldwide, with every class of people. We simply do not know how to relate to religion on a practical basis. We pray to Goddess Lakshmi for money and at the same time are ashamed to ask for a raise in real life.

This Lakshmi Puja let us try to understand Goddess Lakshmi in a more practical way. The best way to do this is to see what she did when she was human. Then we can apply her wisdom and truly make our lives better.

Don’t be a whiner
No one likes a whiner, not even gods. No matter how bad things go, whining about it will not make it better. When Lakshmi was born as Sita, she took on a tough life. Sita went through hell, literally. The princess lived like an ascetic but she wasn’t complaining. On the contrary, she was extremely practical. She accepted what could not be changed. This is a winning mantra for any Yuga.

Goddess Lakshmi

Create your own happiness
Be sensible – you cannot place your happiness upon others. If you do, then you act as a TV – the remote is in someone else’s control.

People who think of themselves as a victim – will only bring more unhappiness into their life. Also, it depresses other people around them. Sita never thought of herself as a victim while she lived all abandoned and alone in Valmiki’s ashram. She knew very well that you cannot be dependent on others for your happiness. Being happy is in a way worshiping her.

Goddess Lakshmi sita

Be independent
Man or woman – you are born to grow up and be independent. You are the one who makes your own life choices. No one else can take the call or the blame for it. Sita is one of the most independent characters in global culture and literature.

Lakshmi was so independent in a culture thousands of years back as Sita. Don’t you think she will bless you if you are too?

Goddess Lakshmi mythology

Don’t be a jerk
Sita had enough time and scope to gossip her days away on probably every character in the Ramayana epic. But she didn’t. She was a winner in every aspect of life.

She did not find joy in maligning others. Because she was so positive minded, she grew as a human being. Instead of being jealous she tried to understand the higher perspective.

Goddess Lakshmi lanka

Educate yourself
This is extremely important in all of Lakshmi’s avatars. Take Sita or Vedavati – they were very well versed and educated. If you see closely, Lakshmi’s teachings are equally important for a man and woman.

Actually Lakshmi is the Goddess of not wealth but abundance. Abundance means plenty – of money, of wisdom, of good health, of happiness and of all aspects of a complete life.

Goddess Lakshmi and vishnu

Image credits: Vrindavan Das, Alka Trivedi,