Utpal Dutt is simply irreplaceable. We all know him as that master actor whose mere presence on screen could single-handedly light up the scenes. Wherever and whenever he had has acted, there he has prevailed as the attraction. Witty and humourous, strict and grumpy – he is the master of the story. Most of all, you simply cannot not love this man.

The versatile Utpal Dutt had been an actor, director, writer and playwright. But probably his greatest love was for the theatre. He created the Little Theater Group in 1947. The group along with Bengali plays was proficient in English and particularly Shakespearean plays. Among many accolades most noteworthy are the National Film Award and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship for lifetime contribution to theatre.

Among his various roles in Bengali and Hindi films, we have picked some of the most sparkling gems that we cannot ever forget –

Hirak Raja in Hirak Rajar Deshe

Utpal Dutt hirak rajar deshe

The tyrant and greedy ruler of Hirak. Who could better depict the diamond king with a twist of madness? Utpal Dutt plays the antagonistic role of Hirak Raja. Utpal Dutt will always remain in our heart as the King of Diamonds.

Furthermore, opposing him is the daring Soumitra Chatterjee as the mastermoshai, the teacher. Our booned heroes – Rabi Ghosh and Tapan Chatterjee play the loved  Gupi Bagha. It was not an easy job to act in this Satyajit Ray film. Furthermore, it was also theatrical and a musical.

Bhuvan Shome as Bhuvan Shome

Utpal Dutt bhuvan shome

No one could have played this role better than Utpal Dutt. The film is based on the story by Bengali writer Banaphool. Directed by the renowned director Mrinal Sen, this film ushered in a new evolution in Indian cinema.

Utpal Dutt is Bhuvan Shome. He the strict and unyielding senior officer at railways. His life takes an unexpected turn when he goes hunting. There he meets Gouri, what seems like the normal rural girl. What could this uneducated village girl teach an educated middle aged man?
The film is masterpiece when it comes to showing layers of human conditioning. As Bhuvan Shome Utpal Dutt created a landmark in cinema history.

Manomohan Mitra in Agantuk

Utpal Dutt agantuk

Manmohan Mitra, choto mama or jaal dadu. Utpal Dutt keeps us on the edge of our seats as the stranger in Agantuk. This is probably Utpal Dutt’s greatest role ever played on screen. This is probably one of the most noteworthy roles ever played by an actor on screen.

Is it just the work of a brilliant man or is just magic?

Prithibir sob theke boro pandit keo jiggesh koro, seyo bolte parbe na.

Bhavani Shankar in Golmaal

Utpal Dutt golmaal

Utpal Dutt is the unforgettable Bhavani Shankar. He is the strict and moustache obsessed boss at the office. Utpal Dutt outrivalled in comedy as much as he surpassed in serious roles.

Golmaal is a very cherished and treasured film. This is one of the best films in Hindi cinema created by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Along with him, Amol Palekar, Bindiya Goswami, Deven Verma, David Abraham and Dina Pathak have created an absolute asset of a comic film.

Maganlal Meghraj in Joy Baba Felunath

Utpal Dutt maganlal meghraj

This list will be incomplete without Maganlal Meghraj. As much as we dislike all that is Maganlal, we as much love Utpal Dutt. Maganlal is the sly and dangerous smuggler under the veil of a common Marwari businessman. As Professor Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes, so is Maganlal the worthy nemesis to Feluda. We see in Joy Baba Felunath Maganlal’s agneyastra pitted against Feluda’s magajastra.