Durga Pujo is a celebration of life. But how can one celebrate life without music? Music and song is probably the only way we can truly express the enchantment of Durga Puja.
Gaan Parar Pujo is a beautiful endeavor this year to express the festival.

Gaan parar puja- Bhuribhojer Bhojbaji

In their own words “Food complements Gaan and adda, a perfect combination of sargam will make this puja special.” How valuable it is an experience to have food with your adda group. We miss the true implication of it when we do not get it.
The Bengali is one of the greatest food lovers in the world. For him, the world is a plate – Indian, Continental, Oriental or street food. He has the best palate and the plate.


Gaan parar puja – Aj Addar Gaan

Adda is as much a cultural aspect of Kolkata as songs are. Everyone who leaves Kolkata misses the rock-e-bose adda with his fellows.
Also added bonus in this song is debut Prosenjit as a singer. We have always seen him as actor but now we see him in his new avatar in the ‘Pujor Adda’ song.
We warn you may just start to hum chol pandal e, raat bhor jege, aaj adda hobe chol….

Gaan parar puja – Khola Chule Laal Saree

We all know that Bengalis are among the most romantic people on earth. But if a statistical study is carried out, it will confirmed that Bengalis fall in love the most during the Durga pujo festival.
Is it because that both the sides are dressed the best of the year? Or is that the joy of the festival makes everything and everyone look beautiful? We leave it for you to decide.
Enjoy the song and maybe you will remember your Durga pujo crush as well.

Gaan parar puja- Okhane Neel

Ah, the weather! It seems that the weather is at its dressed best for Durga pujo. Then there is the breeze, neither too hot nor too cool. The ground looks beautiful with fallen Shiuli and the air is laden with its aroma.
But not everyone is at home. Some are very far away. The Bengali may be a hundred miles or a thousand away – it does not matter. He is not home when home pulls him the most. It is a longing of the heart because it is time for Durga pujo.

Gaan parar Puja – Ghum Bhanga Chokhe

Childhood memories and Durga pujo!
There are neither enough words to express nor enough pages to write it all down. It is actually a world in itself. Listen to this beautiful song by Diptarka and enjoy your childhood once again.