Although it sounds incredible, there are numerous instances when animals have saved humans from death and torture. It becomes more special when these are wild animals, which are ‘believed’ to be driven by the survival instinct of their species only.

There are hundreds of stories where grateful people talk of a second chance at life because some animal was there at the right time. Animals have shown in these cases, as much compassion as humans, if not more.

Here are some of these true stories that will surely move you-

#1 Elephant saves girl from tsunami waves
On 26 December 2005 , many newspapers reported the story of an eight-year old girl, Amber. Amber was with her mother Sam, enjoying the sea beach at Phuket, Thailand. Suddenly the huge tsunami waves crashed on the shore. While all ran for their life, Sam was devastated to see her daughter washed away with the waves. Before anyone could help, Ningnong jumped into the water and swam through the dangerous waves. It got to the girl and brought her back to safety.

animals elephant saves girl from tsunami
Amber and Ningnong

Ningnong was a merely four-year old elephant who was used by the resorts for a ride along the beach. When the waves soared, its owner gave it orders to run towards land to safety but Ningnong instead dashed in the dangerous waters to save Amber. Amber’s mother says her daughter would not have survived had it not been for Ningnong.

#2 Deer saves woman from being strangled

In February 2012 a woman was attacked by a man in the city of Oxford in Ohio. The man dragged her at the back of a building and hit her. As she resisted, he took her purse and started to strangle her by its straps. There was no one nearby who could come to help her and the woman was losing the battle, when suddenly out of a bush, a deer came out and charged at the man. The deer went after attacking the man and he had to let her go and run away.

The woman was safe and sound, thanks to the deer.

animals deer saves woman in danger

#3 Seal carries man to safety

In 1969, the Toledo Blade reported an extraordinary tale. Dudley Jones of Adelaide sailed with two companions off the Kangaroo Island where their boat had an accident. Their 20 foot cabin cruiser struck the rocks and all of them were thrown into the harsh sea. While Dudley became unconscious, his companions drowned.

Dudley would have had the same fate too but from somewhere a seal came. It ‘humped’ Dudley in the back and pushed him to a reef. Dudley was safe on land now, and then it left.

animals seal saves man from drowning

A seal saved a man from certain death. Should not we honour these animals with medals?

#4 Rabbit saves man in coma

Who would have thought of a rabbit saving a man in coma? Yes, it sounds unbelievable but true.

Simon Steggall lives with his wife and rabbit in Cambridgeshire, England. One evening as he was relaxing on the couch after a long day, he slipped into a coma. It was a diabetic coma which is deadly unless treated immediately. His wife, Victoria was doing the household chores and did not find anything amiss so she thought that he had just fallen asleep.

animals rabbit saves man in coma
Simon Steggall with his life saving rabbit

But their bunny knew something was wrong. It started to jump around Simon. It licked his face and thumped around crazily. It ran to Victoria again and back to him and it was then his wife realized something was seriously amiss. The ambulance arrived in time and Simon was saved.

It is a wonder to the medical community how a mere rabbit could detect the state of a deadly coma even before humans diagnosed it.

#5 African lions save girl from kidnappers

This is one of the most chilling stories ever told of animals saving humans.

In Ethiopia ‘kidnapped marriages’ happen in some villages. In one such incident, seven men had kidnapped a 12 year old girl as she was returning from school. They were beating and assaulting her over her cries. Few humans dared to come to the rescue but lions are the king of the jungle and the king decided to punish the assailants. Three lions came and attacked the men, killing and maiming them. The rest fled for their life.

“They stood guard until we found her and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest,” the policeman said. – BBC

animals lions save girl from kidnappers

After that the lions guarded and kept the girl safe for the whole day. It was only after the police and the girl’s parents arrived that the lions felt reassured and left. The king of the jungle was truly the guardian angel of this girl.