When we go scuba diving, we truly get to see a new facet of India. India has a very rich underwater panorama.  The full coastline is as long as 8000 km – starting from West Bengal in the eastern coast and stretching all the way to Gujarat in the western side.

Interestingly India is surrounded by three different types of water bodies. The Arabian Sea in the west has calmer waves with more of a greenish shade which is totally different from the east. Bay of Bengal is wild with crashing waves. In the middle lies the majestic Indian Ocean which is a bigger and deeper home.

It is this variation that makes India a great scuba diving destination. Scuba diving experience typically last for a few hours and you need not be a swimmer for that. It is a very safe way to explore the seas and is done under professional supervision. Young, old, swimmers or non-swimmers – all must try this at least once in their life.

A scuba diving may cost anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to 10,000 depending on the destination and experience you opt for. But this is an experience that will relieve you and make you re-live your life. You also get pictures and videos of your dive.

These are some of the great destinations for scuba diving in India. The best time to go is from Oct to April. The temperature of water generally has a range of 26 – 30 degree Celcius.


Goa is a great place for the first time scuba divers who are still feeling apprehensive about it. Most of the scuba diving opportunities in Goa are around the Grande Island and Pandolim. The Shelter Cove, The Locker of Davey Jones and Sail Rock are some popular diving spots. For the beginners, The Jetty is an easy start with diving depth of 2 to 6 metres, which is about maximum of 20 feet deep. It is breathtaking to see nudibranch and colourful fishes down there.

scuba diving destinations in India goa

For deeper adventures try Sail Rock that will take you up to 24 metres or nearly 80 feet beneath.


Pondicherry is a hot spot for scuba divers in India. 4 corners, Temple reef, Shark reef are popular diving spots taking you about 18 metres deep. However in Shark reef you may go down up to 23 metres if you want! You will see manta rays and so many beautiful creatures down below.

scuba diving destinations in India pondicherry

If you want to dive like a pro, try the Hole. Going deep over 30 metres, this is where the bigger creatures live.


Lakshwadeep is an underwater paradise. Diving here changes you. Crystal clear water and abundant fishes will make it your best vacation ever. Lakshwadeep is simply a group of 36 islands 400 km away from the coast of Kerela. It is blessed with indescribable natural beauty both above and below the water. You can find most scuba diving around Bangaram and Kadmat islands. There are many amazing spots like Sting Ray City, Garden of Eden, Cross Currents, Manta Point, Shark point and the Wall. Diving depth is between 9 to 32 metres depending on the spot.

scuba diving destinations in India lakshwadeep

You can also see the visit the shipwrecks of Princess Royal lying on the sea floor for two hundred years. Plus, you also enjoy the company of the Giant parrotfish and dolphins among other beauties!

Andaman and Nicobar

scuba diving destinations in India andaman nicobar

Andaman is one of the most amazing scuba diving spots in the world. Andaman and Nicobar are not only picturesque but also one of the richest in natural diversity. Leave the silver shores above and dive in to the magical land below. You will never forget scuba diving in the Andaman.

Andaman has numerous diving spots for beginners and professionals. You can stay in Havelock Island and go diving there as well. There is the Barracuda City and Seduction Point. The Aquarium is great for first timers – the place is filled with coral reefs and you can go down till 12 metres. Lighthouse will give you the experience of diving at night. And if you want to swim with those gentle dugongs, Mac Point is waiting for you! Do not miss this.

scuba diving destinations in India andaman nicobar dugong

Then there are spots around Neil Island and Port Blair like Margherita’s Mischief, Bus Stop, Wandoor, Jolly Buoy, Bala Reef among others. You can also try K Rock which is a volcanic rock and has its own kind of beauty.

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and more

As there is nothing that feels as good as scuba diving, more spots are coming up around the south Indian coasts around Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Netrani Island, Tarkarli and Twin Towers in Chennai are wonderful diving spots.

scuba diving destinations in India honeymoon

If scuba diving is not mentioned in your Top Things To Do Before You Die, your list is incomplete. Dive into life!

Can’t go scuba diving? Get your own little ocean at home:

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