The bad news is that there are many people whose Facebook accounts have been hacked and misused. The good news is you can protect yours if you know how they do it.

Hackers have highly technical ways to illicitly get access to your account. But there are also many ways where they use our carelessness. Make sure you do not make these mistakes-

#1 Phishing

Facebook hack protectPhishing is one of the most common ways to hack into a Facebook or a bank account. The hackers create a fake page that looks similar to the original. We trust it and log in, thus handing over our ID and password. You can be attacked via an email from a trusted source where you would be asked to click a link.

How to protect :

  • Never click a link and enter your login info in the page.
  • Never put login details without checking the URL.
  • Chrome is considered a safer browser against phishing attacks.
  • Always log out of your account once done.
  • Use a good quality antivirus with firewall.
  • You must always scan pen (USB) drives before using it.
  • Do not download software from sites which are not trusted.

#2 Saved login information

Facebook hack protect
Most of us have the tendency to save login details in our browser – in both PC and smart phone. It is not impossible for hackers to access your saved passwords in your browser.

Even masked passwords (****) are not safe. Hackers know how to tweak it. They can access your cookies.

Note that if hackers can login to your email, they could also access your Facebook account. They can also gather your personal information, like address or phone number to create a fake identity.

How to protect :

  • Do not save login information.
  • Do not have the same password for different accounts.
  • Avoid using public systems, like cyber cafes to log in to your account.
  • Have a strong password for your email and computer as well. Always go for 2-step authentification which is very safe where you have to put OTP codes.

#3 Through mobile phone

Facebook hack protect
Since we keep our accounts logged in through our mobiles, it becomes a common target for hackers.

How to protect :

  •  Always use a good antivirus for your phone
  •  Never install mobile apps from unknown sources
  •  If you feel any app is suspicious, uninstall immediately

#4 Through USB

Facebook hack protect
Hackers can put malicious software into the USB. This will infect your system and it is programmed to capture your login details and send it to the hacker.

How to protect :

  • Always use a trusted USB device into your PC or laptop.  You must always scan a USB device before using it.
  • It is safer not to share your PC or laptop with someone else.
  • It is not safe to purchase second hand USB devices. This malicious software often remains undetected.

#5 Through Wi-Fi

Facebook hack protect
Your account security is sometimes as good as your Wi-Fi security. If hackers can get into your router network, they could get access to your information.

How to protect :

  • It is better not to use free or public Wi-Fi. Use VPN to access Wi-Fi.
  • You must keep a strong password for your Wi-Fi and regularly change it.

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