We understand the divine in funny ways. Take the instance of Goddess Maha Kali. We worship Her more out of fear than out of devotion. The reason – we see in Her what we see in our society. We see someone more powerful than us and our mind thinks that he is to be feared.

It is not how the divine wants us to be. Who did Kali kill – think about it. Was it the normal people or the demons who were torturing the good people?

Here is some mind-expanding information on Goddess Kali so that you look deeper within yourself and find out the truth.

Myth #1 She is a ‘mythological’ character

Kali idol

We believe in the Almighty but when it comes to real life, it does not apply. We only pray as a lip service or at crisis points.

The divine is not something that exists inside a building. The computer or the mobile device that you are using right now in your hand is pulsating with this Kali energy. As per our Puranas, everything is made out of energy. Quantum physics has been able to validate this theory.

According to the Puranas, this energy or power is what we call as Shakti. Everything that exists is in some form of electro-magnetic vibrations –  which is Goddess Kali’s energy. So if you thought it was all story, your brain is going to be rewired.

Myth #2 She is always blood-curdling fearsome

Kali scary

What looks fearsome or beautiful depends what we get from it. It is our reflection, like a mirror. Show a snake to someone, he might be scared. The other might appreciate that this snake’s venom is used to make so many medicines and save lives. Seekers like Ramakrishna and Byamakhapa had realized this simple truth early on.

Kali took this fearsome form to kill Raktabeej – because it was the only way. That is a mother protecting her innocent children out of love. Think about it, see her as a deeply affectionate and sensitive mother who was worried about her children.  One of the children is You.

Does she still look fearsome?

Myth #3 She has to be pleased by weird rituals

Kali mother goddess

A mother does not need anything from her children apart from good behavior and their happy lives. So why will she expect such weird things from us?

This kind of fear has been fed into our mind by disinformation. Say a thank you to her, that’s enough. And yes, she loves red flowers. But it should be offered to Her out of love, not out of ritual.

Myth #4 She is synonymous with black magic

Kali maa

There are people who misuse good things and spoil the good name. The Nazis gave the Swastika symbol a bad name. But does that stop us from using it for auspicious occasions?

A mother gives everything to Her children when they ask for it. But she cannot be blamed for how they use it because they are adults who have free will.

Why Kali one may ask? Because Kali energy is easier to access for humans than of other deities. Kali does not ask for any rules or rituals to follow, she is very easily available to Her children. But She also knows that everyone is answerable for their own karma.

Myth #5 She destroys everything

Kali goddess

When a sapling comes out of the seed, do we say the seed is destroyed? When you kill dengue-infested mosquitoes, do we say call it destruction? If a nuclear bomb is ruined so that it does not burst, will we call it destruction?

Then why Her? She killed demons that tortured and killed humans mercilessly. They had caused genocides. They were causing destruction of the whole planet. Then Maha Kali had come as the destroyer. For love. For life. For hope. So that we are safe today.

Image credits: templepurohit.com, Pinterest, Tumblr

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