Play Mahalaya songs anytime and it plays a trick on our minds. It makes us feel Durga Puja is here.

Mahalaya rings the bell – it is the start of Devi Paksha. For the ones in Bengal, it heralds the arrival of their beloved festival – the Durga Puja. The Mahisasuramardini radio programme has been commonly referred as the Mahalaya programme. Since 1931, Mahalaya has been streamed through All India Radio (AIR) and is as popular since the first day.

This one and half hour is a performance by one of the best talents in the country. Birendra Krishna Bhadra has vocalised Chandipath and in the process his voice has truly become immortal to the audience. Every morning of Mahalaya, long before the break of dawn at exactly 4 a.m., people will get u to hear the Mahalaya song.

Even after eight decades and multiple versions, Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s recital remains the most valued and loved. It is perhaps the only such performance in the whole world that has remain such unbeaten and untouched. Never have Vedic mantras so touched people en masse.

Actually the Mahisasuramardini radio programme or Mahalya is not just the recitation of the Devi’s mantras. It is montage. A montage of brilliant music and song performances by several artists in Sanskrit and Bengali.

The beauty of the Mahalaya songs is such that you can listen to them anytime you are depressed and it can instantly revive you. Here are some Mahalaya songs handpicked for you.

Akhilo bimonae tabo jayo gane
This Mahalaya song is from the Mahishasurmardini radio programme sung by Krishna Dasgupta. The lyrics are composed by Banikumar and music is given by Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Bajlo Tomar Alor Benu
Enjoy this Mahalya song sung by Supriti Ghosh.

Jago Tumi Jaago
Singer is Dwizen Mukherjee, lyrics by Banikumar and music composer is Pankaj Kumar Mullick.

Ogo Amar Agomoni

 Shubhra Shonkhorobe

Tobo Achinto Rupochorito Mohima