Mother Nature is a magician. Probably the greatest magician we have ever seen. Just as scientists think they have seen and known it all, there come the odd creatures that totally destroys the complacency.

A fish with human teeth? A rock that bleeds! Unicorn water mammal from the fairy tales. Creatures from the Hollywood films existing in reality.  How can evolution explain these creatures?

There are many odd creatures that will surprise you. However in this list, we have selected top six odd creatures just for you to get amazed.

Pacu Fish


It is not photoshopped, in case you are wondering. This is an actual fish with a human like tooth set. This is a freshwater fish found in the continent of South America. This fish is closely related to the dreaded Piranha.
The weirdest thing about the fish is its human-like teeth. They can wound a man with their square and straight teeth that looks so eerily similar to ours. They can grow up to 3 feet and weigh 25 kg and with time, their human teeth look more pronounced and well set.



This creature looks so fairytale like that it has been called the unicorn of the sea. Just like the fabled unicorn, it has a long slender horn like protrusion between its eyes. The Narwhal or the narwhale is around the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. For probably 1,000 years, the Inuit people of the Arctic regions have been hunting this fish for its meat and fat.

The horn is actually a tusk like the elephants have it. But it is more than an enlarged tooth. The beautifully spiraling tusk has an unbelievable 10 million nerve endings inside that allow it sense the environment. The tusk is also valued as ivory.

Pyura chilensis


Never judge a book by its cover and never trust a rock without cutting it in half. Also called as the Living Rock or the bleeding rock, this is the creature for which you cannot guess what lies inside. It not only looks like a rock, it also behaves like one – inert and unmoving. It eats, sleeps and mates just like that.

Especially relevant is that its blood has a strange and rare metal found it called the vanadium. Vanadium is a very useful metal for the steel industry. Probably the most interesting thing about this animal is that it is born male but it develops both the sexes later when it needs to reproduce.

And here’s the best part for some – you can also eat it. Enjoy your dish of meat-rock.

Red-lipped Batfish


It is a fish that is named a ‘bat’ because it shares characteristics with a bat! It walks on the ocean floor. Furthermore, it has red hot lips. Finally although it is a fish, it is not a good swimmer. Do you find anything normal here?
Ironically it has been named Ogcocephalus darwini after Charles Darwin. We wonder is it because the fish destroys all notions of evolution single-handedly?



A lamprey is your creature from horror movies coming alive. Actually this is a kind of jawless eel fish. The lamprey will bite and hang onto the flesh and feed off blood like a parasite.
Lamprey was quite popular in the traditional royal dishes in Britain. However, King Henry I of England died in 1135 after eating a lamprey dish.

Interestingly, these fishes have been here long before the dinosaurs. Why the dinosaurs are dead and they are alive, we do not know.

Blob fish


This is one of oddest in the list of weirdest creatures found on earth. This is so weird that it got itself featured in the Chinese restaurant among the aliens in the Hollywood flick Men in Black. Not only is the body of the fish weird but also its face resembles very human like expression, more like an animated character.
The blob fish looks a blob because its body does not have skeleton or muscles. The whole body has soft gelatin like flesh which is meant to withstand immense pressure in deep waters. These are found in the waters of Australia.

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