What makes one stunning and gorgeous? Is it just the skin or something that lies deep under the skin? Perhaps the answer lies in the era of Bengali black and white  cinema.

That era of Bengali black and white cinema has shown the essence of a perfect woman. A woman who is soft to emotions but will not bend to anything unjust. One who can bear bad times with hope and a smile. Someone who walks straight and talks straight without crossing any lines. Perhaps that is why the eyes glow with such beauty which no amount of make-up can create.

Here are five of the most gorgeous women of that era.

Suchitra Sen

black and white suchitra

That is the first name that comes to the mind. Who can beat her superb acting skills coupled with those big soulful eyes. Although she was perfection in all angles, it is her eyes that still catch our attention.

While she stood tall and strong in the most arduous situations, all her emotions poured out through her eyes. She does not need to shed a tear to tell us her deepest hurts. We can see the reflection  of the unspoken words.

Madhabi Mukherjee

black and white madhabi

Madhabi Mukherjee has probably shown all emotions possible in a human being. An acting genius as she is, she has a most memorable face. If you see films of that era, she looked extremely stunning with virtually little or no makeup at all, compared to today’s practice. Her close-ups of Charulata hang in the galleries of art museums, such is her impact.

Kanan Devi

black and white bengali actress

Many people today probably have not heard of her name. Kanan Devi was a lady extraordinaire. She was the first so called superstar actress in Bengali cinema. A Padmashri holder, she was a very beautiful and talented actress. Along with that, she was a great singer who also acted and sang together (in that era she had to sing like Kodolibala from Bhooter Bhobishyot).

Kanan Devi was on and off screen, an epitome of elegance, strength and beauty. Such ladies are hard to find nowadays.

Sabitri Chatterjee

black and white beautiful actress

Sabitri Chatterjee during the heyday of black and white cinema was the perfect Bengali lady. Demure and simple – that was what made her an overwhelming beauty. Her big and beautiful eyes with her black locks loose – who needs Angelina Jolie?


black and white tanuja

If you see Deya Neya, you would understand when we say that she was the sweetest and bubbliest actress ever. While Suchitra and Sabitri impressed us with their grace; young Tanuja won our hearts with her cheerful approach and lovely smile. No actress has been able to fill that vivacious void.

Sharmila Tagore

black and white actress

What can we say about her – she has created a new standard of beauty. A beauty with skills, adaptability and dignity. Her charming demeanour has played so many roles and in every role, she has looked gorgeous. She is living history. Does a woman become any more perfect?

Image credits: kanandevi.com