On 6 April 1931, the house of Karunamoy Dasgupta and Indira Devi was lit up. A beautiful baby daughter had been born to them. They called her Roma Dasgupta.

The world came to know her as the legendary and celebrated Suchitra Sen.

You cannot say Suchitra Sen was charismatic- she was charisma itself personified. She shaped what we mean as a perfect super star. Like a perfectly cut diamond, she shined in every aspect. The way she talked, the way she walked- her expressions, her eyes – it is still unparallel.

Suchitra Sen remains, and still will remain, as the perfect woman.

Suchitra Sen has acted in 61 films all throughout her life. Here are some of her most unforgettable roles-

Romola in Sharey Chuattor

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

The film Sarey Chuattor will always remain special for many reasons, one of those being  the first film in which we see Suchitra Sen on screen. On top of that she debuted romancing with Uttam Kumar and laid the foundation for one of the best on-screen couples in world cinema.

Rina Brown in Saptapadi

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

Saptapadi’s Uttam- Suchitra bike scene is simply iconic of their on-screen romance. In the film, she is the unforgettable Rina Brown, an Anglo-Indian who falls in love with a Bengali Brahmin. Unfortunately marriage was almost impossible between a Hindu and a Christian in the 1940s. The lovers had to part but when life meets them again Rina is in a sad state of depression and alcoholism.

Suchitra Sen was honoured with the Silver Prize for Best Actress in 1963 Moscow International Film Festival – being the first Indian actress to win an international award.

Dr. Roma Banerjee in Harano Sur

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

As noteworthy this film is, so is Suchitra’s role as Dr. Roma Banerjee. Dr. Roma Banerjee treats Uttam Kumar who is suffering from severe amnesia after an accident. As bonds get deeper, love blossoms among the two. They marry but things take a different turn when his memories come back partially and he is no more able to recognize the woman he loves. Roma now has to bring him back, but this time as a doctor as well as a wife.

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Archana Basu in Saat Paake Badha

Suchitra Sen and Soumitra Chatterjee are remembered for their mind-blowing performance in Saat Paake Badha. The story of a well educated but poor professor pitted against an ill mouthed mother-in-law takes a chilling dimension for Archana. She tries to balance both the worlds taking mental blows from both the egos. A deep story of emotions, pride and human exasperation.

As Mother and daughter in Uttar Falguni

No words are enough to describe Suchitra Sen in Uttar Falguni. She is Debjani the housewife turned Pannabai the courtesan. But above all she is a mother who would do anything to see her daughter safe and educated. Her spine chilling role as the mother and daughter is worth a thousand salutes.

Parvati in Devdas

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

Although this film was in Hindi where she acted with Dilip Kumar as Devdas, it was she who created that aura of the beauteous and righteous Paro. No matter how many remakes the film will have, Suchitra Sen will remain as the original Paro forever.

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Radha in Dweep jele jai

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

Perhaps this is the best and most unforgettable role of Suchitra Sen ever. Radha is a nurse in a psychiatric hospital with Pahari Sanyal and she is dealing with patients with emotional trauma. She has to play the role of a nurse and much more – as a friend, a lover – as the case seems to demand. She is a part of the therapy. But as patients heal and move on, the therapist could not. Her mere use as a tool of treating the patient – turns her as the patient now. Unnerving and unsettling, Suchitra Sen leaves an indelible mark on a cinema lover’s heart!

As Prafulla and Debi in Debi Chaudhurani

Suchitra Sen bengali actress black and white

As unique is Bankim Chandra Chattopadhay storytelling, such unique is the way Suchitra Sen brought the story to life. This film needed not only a good actress, but a great lady – someone who could imbibe all the qualities that Debi Chaudhurani herself possessed. The aura of Suchitra as Debi Chaudhurani is more divine than human.