Indians can make coffee in a pressure cooker and this is how it is done.

It is not something new for Indians to make something out of nothing. We know for a fact that the entire Mars Orbiter Mission cost less than what it took to make the movie Gravity in the same period of time using ‘Indian’ materials. Indians know how to use, reuse and then again use. While the world thinks of recycling, we think of recycling the recycled.

These pictures seem funny but if you look closely, behind these amusing instances is an indomitable will to find a way.

Coffee without a coffee maker? Use pressure cooker
It truly takes a high level of intelligence to do something like this!

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Indians coffee

Chair for dining room and car room
Where there’s a chair, there’s a way!

Indians car

The boys truly love cricket
Indians love cricket, we all know this fact. And they would find anything and everything to carry on the game. This picture remind us of our own days.

Indians cricket

Mother knows best
Scooters and motorbikes are popularly driven all around the world – but not like one does in India. 2-seater commonly turns into 3 or even 4-seaters. Kids are not even counted among passengers. A two wheeler becomes a family vehicle.

Indians two wheeler

The centuries-old anti-burglar system
Don’t have budget for the latest anti-theft device? Has your car lock been broken? Do not worry – there is nothing like a good old lock and key. Even if it looks very out of place. Even if it makes people burst into a good laugh. Anything can happen in India.

Indians car

The sound of horn
A horn has a special place in Indian roads. It is the lifeline. The louder it is, more preferred it also is. It seems not to matter that a rickshaw horn adorns a bike. As long as it works fine, it is fine!

Indians horn

Have you tried this yet?
Indians know how to use latest technology, and some are brilliant. On top of that, it is totally practical. There is a Hindi word for this – jugaad.

Indians webcam

Life of a bachelor
No words needed.

Indians bachelor

Time is an illusion – Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was the world’s top genius. The next Einstein is the Indian who made this.

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Indians genius