Tulsi Chakraborty is one in a million. Or maybe one in a hundred million. The caliber of an actor is measured by the naturalness he displays in his act. For him, each role was so natural to the skin, that one might easily slip into forgetfulness that it was ‘an act’.

Satyajit Ray respected him; Chhabi Biswas was panicky of his acting prowess so much that he only practiced his script when he had to co-act with Tulsi Chakraborty! No more words are necessary.

Here are some of his best roles handpicked by us as a tribute to this extremely talented, extremely humourous, good-hearted; and extremely humble actor – and a true superstar.

Manmoyee Girls School

Tulsi Chakraborty black and white bengali film manmoyee girls schoolManmoyi Girls’ School, released in 1935 was one of his earliest films. Tulsi Chakraborty played Damodar Chakraborty, the zamindar who wanted to establish a school on his wife’s name, Manmoyee. They look for a couple of teachers who can run the school, with the only criteria being that they should be a married couple. Jahar Ganguli and Kanan Devi are both looking for a job and disguise themselves as a married couple.

Sare Chuattor

Tulsi Chakraborty black and white bengali film sare chuattor romantic comedy

Sare Chuattor is one of the most entertaining movies ever made. It had a star studded cast of Tulsi Chakraborty and his wife Molina Devi, Uttam and Suchitra with Jahar Roy, Bhanu and Haridhan Mukherjee and more. Rajani Babu’s Annapurna Boarding house is simply unforgettable.


Tulsi Chakraborty black and white bengali film kavi kabi

Tulsi Chakraborty is at his sizzling best in Kavi. This 1949 Debaki Bose directed movie was based on a story by Tarashankar Bandopadhyay. Don’t miss Tulsi Chakraborty’s singing and dancing moves!


Tulsi Chakraborty black and white bengali film shayamali

Shyamali is a heart touching story of a girl of a girl next door but one who is deaf and mute, played excellently by Kaberi Bose. Tulsi Chakraborty is Gobardhan Da, the mean moneylender and he absolutely nails the role. Uttam Kumar plays the lead with his on-screen mother Molina Debi (Tulsi Chakraborty’s real wife).

Personal Assistant

Tulsi Chakraborty personal assistant black and white bengali film romantic comedy

Personal Assistant is one of the best comedies made till date. Along with Bhanu – Ruma Guhathakurta and Tarun Kumar, Tulsi Chakraborty makes this film ‘unmissable’.  Who can forget his role as the widowed publisher? Bonus – Don’t miss Medini Debi’s piano performance!


ritwik ghatak ajantrik black and white bengali film

Watch this Ritwik Ghatak classic film for the simply for the fact that it is a landmark film in the history of global cinema which has inspired many Hollywood filmmakers. Tulsi Chakraborty has a comparatively small role in the film but then this movie is all about Jagaddal, the Chevrolet jalopy! This Kali Banerjee acted film became the inspiration for films like Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and Herbie.

Pather Panchali

Tulsi Chakraborty pather panchali black and white bengali film

Tulsi Chakraborty makes this already wonderful film all the more enjoyable. He is Prasanna babu, the teacher and also the shopkeeper – both together. True to his hilarious sense and awesome acting skills, he delivers the role peerlessly.

Chaoya Paoya

Tulsi Chakrabortychaoya pawa old bengali film uttam suchitra

Chaoya Paoya is one of those Uttam – Suchitra romances that never gets old. Chhabi Biswas plays the role of Suchitra’s father and when she runs off, he announces prize money on newspaper for finding her out.

Tulsi Chakraborty is the owner of Grand Hotel in Patna, which is hilariously the opposite of everything grand. As Suchitra lands up in his hotel with Uttam Kumar, Tulsi Chakraborty realizes he has got a fish in hand.

Dweep Jele Jai

Tulsi Chakraborty dweep jele jai old bengali film basanta choudhury

This is one film where we do not see Tulsi Chakraborty in his usual amusing self. Here he is the somber and worried companion of Tapas, played by Basanta Choudhury. While Tapas goes through his anguish that makes him mentally disbalanced, Tulsi is his friend in need, and a very true reflection of the people in that era who were ready to help without even asking.

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Paras Pathar

Tulsi Chakraborty paras pathar satyajit ray old bengali film

Some say that Paras Pathar is the greatest film of his career. It is true that in this film Tulsi Chakraborty plays the lead role and it shows what a brilliant actor he was. Satyajit Ray had once commented that if Tulsi Chakraborty was in the US, he would have surely won an Oscar!

Maybe he never got the awards he deserved but Tulsi Chakraborty has surely won our hearts! We will never forget him.

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