Ask anyone about Tarun Kumar and he will call him as Uttam Kumar’s brother. It is natural to be so – Uttam Kumar’s persona as an actor and his charisma as a person – was colossal.

But Tarun Kumar was no less special.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed or overshadowed by his elder brother Uttam – he stuck to his originality. His hard work on the stage and in films – both show his amazing calibre as a great actor. He paved his own way.

Tarun Kumar started his career by acting on stage. His acting impressed the director Ardhendu Sen that he wanted him to act in his film. That was Tarun’s first film, Hrod in 1954.

Most of the acts by Tarun Kumar could be called as side roles but he perfected each piece like a true professional. He is truly one of the finest and best actors we have had.

Tarun Kumar is said to have acted in over 500 films, and over 80 of those with his brother Uttam.

Here are some of his classic roles which we greatly admire –

Dada Thakur

Dada Thakur is such a classic film that it is part of the Bengali heritage. Along with legendary Chabbi Biswas, Tarun Kumar made it truly priceless. Tarun Kumar received the President’s award for his role as the freedom fighter, Nalini Kanta Sarkar.

Tarun Kumar bengali film actor dadathakur

Deya Neya

Deya Neya is perhaps one of the most entertaining and inimitable films made in Bengali cinema. While Uttam Kumar played the protagonist rich son who falls out of his father’s grace, Tarun Kumar is that commonplace and loyal Bengali friend everyone has. Although he has a less glamorous role, but is equally entertaining in the film.

Tarun Kumar bengali film actor uttam

Jhinder Bandi

Yes, Soumitro – Uttam are enough to steal any show and Jhinder Bandi will never get too old to watch.
But this film is worth mentioning for another reason – this is a film where Uttam and Tarun had their role as brothers – just as they are in real life.
Uttam is Shankar Singh, the elder brother of Udit – acted by Tarun – as well as the King of Jhind. Uttam Kumar plays a double role as Shakar’s doppelganger.

Tarun Kumar bengali film actor uttam

Abak Prithibi

Abak Prithibi was released in 1960 where Tarun was an actor as well the producer of the film. The film has a rich cast of like Uttam Kumar, Sabitri Chatterjee, Tulsi Chakraborty, Aparna Devi and Shyam Laha. But Tarun Kumar stole the show as the compassionate Father. Tarun Kumar won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in this film.

Tarun Kumar bengali film actor black and white

Personal Assistant

Tarun Kumar has made some remarkable films with Bhanu Bandopadhyay. Personal Assistant is one of those unforgettables. He is the true friend of Romapada Dutta who will do anything to get his friend’s poems printed. This hilarious film is an all-time great.

Tarun Kumar bengali film actor black and white