No, I am not talking about the skin aging or the side effects that steals our beauty when we grow old. I am talking about the real aging, when you grow really old.

How a person becomes so helpless and has to depend on others when he/she grows old. Not much difference between a small kid and an old human being. This is truly called the circle of life. Where we begin our journey, we tend to end just right there.

Just like the kid an old person also requires help for his/her basic necessities. Eating, bathing, toilet, even moving from here to there also becomes dependable on others. How much helpless they must feel.

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Oh! And talking about the old age homes, they remind us that people are selfish, even are your own children. I simply can’t stand them who don’t take care of their elders. They get so much busy with their so called ‘life’ (which is not even worth it) that they just forget about the persons who have brought them up, gave them food, education, and in fact gave them ‘Life’. Sorry to say, but no respect for them at all. I can just pray for their healthy mind state so that they gain back their basic human emotions, and can understand their most important duty towards their elders. After retiring from formal employment, scores of the country’s elderly people are forced to live a life of humiliation, abuses and isolation. In such a scenario, one is compelled to think about the living conditions of the aged from the economically weaker sections.

And I actually pity those people. Because, they are losing on the most expensive treasure of their lives. I have seen my grandparents grow old. Trust me, this is so painful. We always want to grow up and be independent and lead our lives the way we want. But at the same time, we forget that our parents are growing old. And our grandparents are growing older.

I have seen my ‘Montan’ (Dadu/Nana), who used to be such an active person all his life, slowly becoming weaker day after day. He has to depend on us now for his daily activities. All he wants is to stay with his closed ones now. He gets panicked if I return from office late or if my mother is somewhere out of the house. Because, he knows, we are all he has now. A small phone call from my elder sister all the way from US brings a wide smile on his face. He wants to talk. He needs people beside him.

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I have lost my Dida (Nani) already and I know this pain. I never talk about this because it makes me real sick from inside. All I want to share through my post is that, respect your elders. Respect the fact that you have their blessings. And it’s not really difficult to take out time for them. Imagine, we all are moving towards the path of growing old and we will also have to go through the same situations.

So cherish this priceless treasure as much you can!

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