If you think space is one lifeless place stretching along infinitely, you are in for a surprise. In fact, space is the place where nature is present in all its myriad shapes and sizes. How much do we really know?

Have you ever wondered how it space smells and tastes? Here are some flabbergasting stuff from up there –

Sagittarius B2 – Alcohol in space?

Somewhere near to the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy lies the Sagittarius B2. A huge molecular cloud – 3 million times the size of our Sun. And what is it filled of? Alcohol. A lot of it.

Sagittarius B2 is 150 light years across and it is full of ethanol, vinyl alcohol, methanol and amino acids. Not only that, it smells of ‘rum and also raspberries’. And we thought space was a cold, dark place!

Sagittarius B2 alcohol in space

Largest water body

Scientists say that life outside earth is not possible as there is no water. Now the biggest body of water has been discovered in space!

The water lies around a quasar called APM 08279+5255 and to reach there it will take you 12 billion light years. The journey will be worth it because if you combine all the water of the earth’s oceans and increase it by 140 trillion times – that is how much it is there!

What’s weirder than this? This water has been belched out by a gigantic black hole. The quasar is the consequence of the black hole itself.

quasar in space


Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?

Well, one twinkling thing is made fully of – yes true – diamond! A planet made only of diamond.

55 Cancri e is called the Diamond Planet and it has a high carbon content. It orbits a sun in the constellation of Cancer, just in case you were wondering. According to Forbes, Diamond Planet has the value of diamonds in it worth USD 26.9 Nonillion. That means 30 zeros after USD 26.9. In other words, that’s too much.

diamond in space

The mother of all lightnings

Do you like to watch lightning during a thunderstorm or are you scared of it? What if we told you there is a lightning bolt that is one trillion times bigger and stronger than your average lightning bolt?

Imagine the power packed in it. And it is happening continuously – originating from a scary black hole. When a bolt occurs, it spreads across one hundred and fifty thousand light years! Now that’s scary.

lighning in space

Ice that will not melt!

There is one peculiar planet called the Gliese 436 b. It lies in the constellation of Leo.

The planet surface is made of ice whereas temperature of this planet is on average 439°C! But – no one knows for sure why – the ice does not melt. Even at four times above its boiling temperature, the ice stays solid.

Called as a super-earth, scientists speculate that it is probably the  planet’s gravity that holds the ice together. A year on Gliese 436 b is 2 and a half days only and its orbit alignment around its sun also changes.  Also it has a gaseous ‘tail’.

Things like these open our mind, isn’t it?

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Gliese 436 b space

Image credits: mysteryplanet.com.ar, wired.com, NASA, huffingtonpost.in, Pinterest, spacetelescope.org