Nepal Babu brings jora ilish from the market. Bhanu is delighted to see the jora ilish and is high on anticipation for the shorhe kancha lonka ilish dish. But the owner of the house Tulsi Chakraborty becomes the spoilsport. At this moment of ecstatic anticipation he comes complaining of the overdue rent. What follows is an unforgettably comic squabble between Bhanu and Tulsi.

Since the independence of India, ghotis and bangals have been quarrelling with one another for no apparent reason at all. Sometimes the reason is a game, then it may be about a fish and other times it can be some petty difference in the culture. However, it has led to some classy comic creations. One of those is Ora Thakey Odhare. This 1954 film stars Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Malina Debi, Tulsi Chakraborty, Chhabi Biswas and Bhanu Banerjee. The film is directed by Sukumar Dasgupta.

The film Ora Thakey Odhare shows a beautiful aspect of Bengali life. Nepal Babu has thoughtfully bought jora ilish so that both the neighbouring families (Ghoti and Bangal) can have it. No matter how much they fight, they maintain their social niceties. Not one day passes when both these parties don’t have their evening tea together.

While the ghoti – bangal fights at the pettiest of matters, one can simply laugh and enjoy the comic bickering.  One can be sure that no matter how much the ghoti – bangal will fight amongst itself; it will also not stop loving each other.

Tulsi Chakravarty and Bhanu Bandopadhyay had been two shining gems of comedy in Bengali cinema in their heyday. Although it took Tulsi Chakravarty some time to gain the just recognition for his talents,  yet his acting prowess is still praised today.