If you have never done yoga or your body is too stiff to start it, try Bajrasana. Bajrasana is very easy to do and hardly puts any effort on the body. You can do Bajrasana on a full stomach whereas most other asanas need to be done in empty stomach.

Nowadays most people face stomach problem in some form or the other. This is majorly due to chemical laden food, mental stress and pollution among other reasons. A regular practice of Bajrasana at least a day will help you stay away from gut problems long term. You can sit in this pose after dinner or before going to sleep. As little as five minutes will do.

Bajrasana is also easy to do for those people who are obese and have difficulty doing other poses.

Bajrasana (Vajrasana) pose

Bajrasana yoga

You can do Bajrasana anytime during the day. Just after you have had your meal, say dinner. Sit on your bed on any surface where you are comfortable.

Kneel down and then sit as shown in the picture. Rest your bottom on your heels and the weight of the thighs would rest on the calf muscles. Keep your hands on the knees. Do not talk or think. Keep your mind blank. Observe your breath as it goes in and comes out. Gradually your breathing will slow down but you should not do it forcefully. Let it happen naturally.

It is enough to do it for fifteen to twenty minutes daily. However it is better to start doing it for shorter time periods and then increase your time. If you feel any pain, sit naturally for two minutes. Then sit in the pose again. Do not force your body to overdo it.

The best benefits come from doing the asana for shorter time but regularly over the months. It is good to make it a daily habit.


Bajrasana helps in healing many digestive issues. This yoga pose provides balanced blood flow to the lower part of the body. People with weak digestion will find their condition heal and improve over time. Good digestion prevents many diseases such as ulcer.

It helps to relieve constipation and acidity.

It strengthens the muscles of your legs and back. Ailments like sciatica and back problems get healed by regular practice.

Regular practice of Bajrasana will also make you look good. It dissolves fat in the body and tones your back and leg muscles.

Just like any asana, Bajrasana will also make you a more calm and relaxed person. You will look more fresh, young and will have glowing skin.

If you have had any knee surgery, do not practice this. It is always better to consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regime.

Image credits: Yoga Movement, KaiseKare.in, News Health Guru