When we speak of Bengali actors who died so before their time, some of the biggest names come up. Only a true film lover will understand what the world has lost.

Some of the greatest actors of Bengali cinema were lost suddenly. Some had natural deaths while some had foul play involved. Whatever the reason maybe, the truth is that we still miss these great artists.

Here are five Bengali actors who died before their time:

Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar, the numero uno of all Bengali film stars. Naturally, when the news of his sudden death reached the masses, it was a shock. He was only 53 when he had this fatal stroke and at that time he was actively shooting Ogo Badhu Sundori.

uttam Kumar Bengali actors who died before their time

Uttam Kumar was physically quite fit in his youth and was a regular yoga practitioner. As time passed, his films and theatre ventures increased in number leading to a very hectic lifestyle. He was also a workaholic, dedicating most days and nights into work rather than paying attention to rest and health. Along with that, he also went through a divorce which also stressed him.

It is said that he was quite worried about the failure of the Hindi film Chhoti Si Mulaqat. Uttam Kumar had used all his savings to produce this Hindi film but it did not do well financially. This caused him a lot of mental agony and towards the downfall of his health and untimely death.

Uttam Kumar remains as one of those Bengali actors who died so before their time.

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Tulsi Chakraborty

The jolly good man of Bengali cinema and one of the greatest actors ever to grace the screen, Tulsi Chakraborty is still peerless. Tulsi Chakraborty is one of those artists who acted not for the money but truly for the love of it. He was only 62 when he left us. Tulsi Chakraborty was suffering from an advanced level of gastric ulcer. The actor whom Satyajit Ray said that he deserved an Oscar actually was paid very little for his roles in Bengali films. Most of the time he had to struggle to makes his ends meet. Many times he would walk to the Tollygunge studio from his home at Howrah.

tulsi chakraborty Bengali actors who died before their time

However Tulsi Chakraborty was a man who lived his life fully. His sense of humour was alive every moment. He laughed and did not ever complain. He was a man who was truly grounded and humble. The day before he passed away he enjoyed a good plate of prawns, much against his health. He had been working in the film Bipasha at that time.

We will forever miss him as he remains as one of those Bengali actors who died before their time. It is because of great actors like Tulsi Chakraborty which make the black and white cinema the Golden Era Bengali filmmaking.

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Chhabi Biswas

When we speak of Bengali actors who died before their time, the sudden death of Chhabi Biswas still haunts many. He was only 61 when he had a harrowing car accident. He had just finished shooting Dadathakur and was involved in many other films. There have been rumours that the accident of Chhabi Biswas could have been a planned one.

chhabi biswas Bengali actors who died before their time

When Chhabi Biswas left us, he left a vacuum in Bengali cinema. The aristocratic actor was a favourite among all. His charming persona as well as momentous demeanor was a killer combination that won all hearts. He perfected every role, every character. He was one of Satyajit Ray’s favourite actors.

Chhabi Biswas remains unforgettable in films like Kanchenjunga, Debi and Dadathakur among many more.

Mahua Roychoudhury

When we speak of Bengali actors who died before their time and in mysterious circumstances, Mohua Roy Choudhury’s name comes upfront. The talented actress was involved in fifteen films when she suddenly caught on fire in her home at midnight. Mahua Roychoudhury was at her zenith when tragedy struck.

mahua roychoudhury Bengali actors who died before their time

On 12 July midnight, it is believed that she accidently caught fire and was injured seriously. After ten days in the hospital battling third degree burns, she passed away on 22 July. It was rumoured that it was her husband who set her on fire. According to her husband, she caught fire due to a kerosene stove bursting in the kitchen. The police found the kerosene stove intact and without any fuel. However doctors who treated her said kerosene was definitely used. Upon investigation, more facts came to light. Just four days before this incident, the actress has discontinued her joint account with her husband. They were also having quarrels according to their seven year old son and the domestic help staff.

However police had to abandon the investigation when Mohua Roy Choudhury herself stated that she met an accident. She said she caught fire from the stove but did not mention any explosion. Some say that she was probably trying to protect her husband and was optimistic about the future. After she passed away due to the severe burns, post mortem revealed that she had bruise marks under her eye and on her back.

Some had also said that the actress set herself on fire as she was depressed and disappointed with her personal life. Whatever the truth may be, Bengali cinema lost of the most talented and upcoming artists. We still miss the lovely actress who won our hearts on her debut in Sriman Prithviraj as the young bride.

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Utpal Dutt

Utpal Dutt was a master of all the stages. He was one of the most illustrious Bengali actors who died before their time. Not only does Bengali cinema miss him but equally he is missed in Hindi cinema and most of all in the theatre arena.

Utpal Dutt was a free soul. He explored theatre like no other. He used acting to create more than just films. He created living characters. Who can ever forget Hirak Raja once you have seen him? Or can stop oneself from feeling angry at Maganlal Meghraj even when you know it was just a character in the story?

utpal dutt Bengali actors who died before their time

Utpal Dutt created some of the greatest acts in Hindi and Bengali cinema. His passion for storytelling landed him in jail only to make it stronger. He used theatre as an art as well as medium to educate people.

Utpal Dutt passed away on 19 August 1993 at the age of sixty four. He had undergone dialysis and had returned to his home when he had fatal a heart attack. He had been working on Ajana Path and it was eventually released next year.

Utpal Dutt still remains alive in our hearts and in the invaluable legacy of film and art that he has left for us.

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