Big words can be powerful in a conversation. You can express yourself better, sound smart and professional. Here is a list of such words which you must know and use when you need it.

Use This Vocabulary To Sound Smart and sophisticated 

To abbreviate something is to make something short for practical use. We commonly use abbreviations,  like VIP and CEO.
You can use abbreviate anywhere when you want to say ‘keep it short’ or make it compact. To abbreviate something is more than just shorten, it makes very compact yet does not lose meaning.

If something sounds nice and smooth to the ear, it is called mellifluous. It could be music, the sound of rain or waves or somebody’s voice. Music has many big words to express itself correctly. Mellifluous is used to describe music or sound that is sweet-sounding, silky, soft and relaxing.

Bonjour is French word we use when we meet someone. Bonjour could be used as a hello, good morning or just a formal greeting. It is also used to say ‘good day’ when we meet another fellow. Remember that we do not use Bonjour while saying good bye.

big words bonjour French Hello
Say ‘Hello’ in French

Remunerative is a word used to express anything that is rewarding in terms of money. If a task is remunerative, you will be financially well paid, either as salary or profit. Among the big words of finance, remunerative is to encourage someone to get involved in the task.

There are some people and ideas so great, that we cannot describe in words. Ineffable is the word to describe such a thing.
We can read about Joan of Arc but her contributions are ineffable. The importance of forests is ineffable.

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Instead of saying cute, cutie pie or cuddly, use cuddlesome. Is it important to use big words? Sometimes, yes. Save others from hearing the same old overused words. It can get boring. Using a nice word to express your mind shows that you care. And that you are sophisticated.

Magnanimous is a great person of character and compassion. A magnanimous person forgives others, is merciful to his enemies, compassionate, noble and open-hearted. In other words, a person with a truly big heart.

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Among big words to make you sound sophisticated, use idiosyncrasy. It means a characteristic that is typical of an individual. A strange habit, behaviour or a peculiar response that is distinct of the person. Say, “The tragic idiosyncrasy of Romeo and Juliet has been copied in many plays.”

A happy coincidence which makes you feel it was all destined in a way. When events happen in such a way that it brings a happy surprise, serendipity is one of the smartest big words you can use to describe it.  Like, “It was serendipity that she found her crush and she were travelling in the same compartment.”

Light, only nice light. Luminescent is a word used to describe something that emits light but no heat. In ‘light terminology’ there are some big words to express the characteristic of light. Luminescent and luminescence are used commonly and one must know that a luminescent object gives light but no heat at all. That is why we say that a firefly is bio-luminescent but we do not call fire luminescent.

Out of this world. Beautiful and exquisite beyond words. Lovely and elegant. Ethereal is a word used to describe all these characteristics in one place. Say, “The artist’s painting of Jesus and Mother Mary was ethereal.”

Nonchalant is one of those big words meant to describe someone who is not disturbed or concerned and is calm and relaxed in a situation. It could used to applaud a person’s cool attitude. It can also be used to describe disinterest.

We all know a winebibber. He or she drinks the most at a party and drinks alcohol almost anytime. Big words for big drinkers – winebibber.

big words winebibber drunkard
Winebibber is a nicer way to call someone a drunkard

Many of us have heard the word penultimate but do not know its meaning. Penultimate means the one before the last, or what we often call ‘second last’. Say, “This is the penultimate novel of the author.”

Most big words can be broken down to its root meanings. Penultimate comes from the Latin word “paenultimus” which comprises of paene and ultimus, which means almost and last respectively.

The right words can be very helpful in describing something that we see around us. Have you seen multiple colours that sparkle and change with the angle? That is called iridescent. Some birds have very iridescent feathers. Some fabrics are also iridescent.

There are moments in life when suddenly you have a great realisation. It changes you in a good way and you feel that you understand what it all means. Epiphany is a word used to describe this wonderful and amazing experience.

Two is better than one. Synergy is an effect that happens when we work together. It is seen that one plus one is not two but becomes three. Combined effort yields more result than individual efforts.

Do you love the smell of rain? That is called petrichor.

big words petrichor smell of rain
We all love the petrichor, don’t we?

Finally the champ of the list of big words, sesquipedalian. Chances are that people are going to use it to describe you, so you should know what it means. Sesquipedalian means the unnecessary use or characteristic of big long words. So be careful where and how these big words. Read below that gives you a little idea of its right use.

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How to Use Big Words Smartly? 

Big words can be used to sound sophisticated and impress people. But the misuse of it can make you sound like a fool. Here are some tips that will help you use it wisely.

  1. Use in the right place
    Do not go around throwing big words where it is not needed. While using smart big words in a meeting is good, using it in a supermarket is unnecessary.
    Do not show off, that creates a poor impression. If you feel someone is not aware of the word you are using, use a simpler word or say it in a sentence without making the person feel ignorant. You have a chance to let the person learn something new but it should be done nicely and humbly.
  2. Be sure of the word you are speaking.
    The English language has many words that sound the same and create confusion. So make sure you use the right word.
    Secondly if you use a big word, make sure you remember it well. Someone might ask you the meaning of it when you speak it.
  3. Do not use too many
    The point of a good vocabulary is to express better. Always remember this.
    If you use too many big words just for the sake of it, it will confuse the listener.
  4. See how words are being used
    Read books and articles that use good vocabulary and see how it is used. Words like winebibber have been used in the Bible but not many such old words are in use today. Usage of words changes in society and time.
    Vocabulary and communication is everything in our society. Speak right and you win investors, impress people and make friends.

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