Bikash Roy is one of those shining stars who literally made the Golden age of Bengali cinema. His peers were colossals like Chhabi Biswas, Tulsi Chakraborty and Pahari Sanyal.

But he had not always wanted to be an actor. He became an advocate and practiced in Calcutta High Court. But thankfully, destiny made him an actor in 1936 with his first film Abhijatri.

Bikash Roy has probably done every role in the book. Picking his top best roles seems like an overwhelming mission. Each and every act is an asset.

Bikash Roy has acted with gorgeous actors like Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen. But like the true dark horse, he with his brilliance, quietly stole the show.

He has been the good father and the haughty father. He has been the healer and the quack. We see him as the deep quiet husband and then in the next as a quarrelling one. In each and every role we cannot but believe our eyes.

Every avatar of Bikash Roy looks the most real. We simply forget who Bikash Roy is, for all we see is a living character in the screen.

Who is the real Bikash Roy – the hero, the villain or the common man? You tell us. Here are the nine gems of his films.

Uttar Falguni

Bikash Roy

Although Suchitra Sen stole the show in Uttar Phalguni, but without Bikash Roy as her lover the story would have been incomplete. Actually Bikash Roy also plays a subtle double role in this film. He is the well established lawyer on the outside and a deep lovelorn on the inside. He is the man who cannot shed tears but feels as deeply as the woman.

Chele Kaar

Bikash Roy film

Bikash Roy also excels as the protagonist in this romantic comedy. This 1954 film won the National Award.

Andhar Periye

Bikash Roy actor

This is a Tapan Sinha classic. This role is especially relevant as Bikash Roy is outstanding as the role of an mentally imbalanced old man.

Arogya Niketan

Bikash Roy bengali actor

Can you recognize this man? Bikash Roy here is Jibon Moshai.  Jibon Moshai is the ayurvedic doctor of Nabagram whom people trust. Arogya Niketan also went on to win the National Film Award.

Ramer Sumati

Bikash Roy bengali actor

Bikash Roy in Ramer Sumati is the very opposite of the doctor he was in Arogya Niketan. This 1947 film based on the Sarat Chandra’s story is, even today a very watchable and classy film.


Bikash Roy villain

The movie Bibhas is what you would call a star-studded film with Uttam Kumar, Kamal Mitra, Chhaya Devi and Tarun Kumar. But most of all Bikash Roy’s negative role as the servant will leave in an indelible mark on your mind.

Smriti Tuku Thak

Bikash Roy suchitra sen

Smriti Tuku Thak is another intense film with master actors like Suchitra Sen, Chhabi Biswas and Bikash Roy. Suchitra Sen plays the double role of twins where one of them loses her memory in an accident. Here Bikash plays the superb role of a doctor who would do anything to bring her memories back.


Bikash Roy good film

His look from a hasty person to a madman will simply send a chill through your spine.


Bikash Roy uttam kumarThis film was directed by Tapan Sinha and produced by Uttam Kumar. The film Jatugriha almost became the embodiment of the ‘burnt house’ of a failed marriage. Bikash Roy impresses the spectators within the first few minutes with his brilliant act of a failed husband.


This is Bikash Roy’s best among his greats. His role as the cold-hearted police officer hell-bent against the freedom fighters will make your blood boil. He executed the role so perfectly – that he created the exact replication of the then Raj. No wonder the viewers tried to attack him forgetting that this was merely his act and not reality! That is the real award of a great actor – and it is more valuable than all the Oscars of the world.