Your home does not have to be big or luxurious, but it should have positive energy. Scientists have agreed that not all energies are good for us. Ancient studies like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra have been telling this for centuries.

Good energy is something that promotes good health, happiness and well-being in the residents. Good health is in both physical and mental. If a person is healthy but mentally disturbed, that is not good at all and neither is the opposite. To create good energy in your home, you do not have to spend much money. In fact, it is the opposite.

Here are some simple tips that you can apply in your home to bring more wellness and happiness.

  • The air in the house should be fresh. Everyday at least for 3-4 hours you must let natural light and fresh air enter your room. Stale air is stagnant and heavy that causes depression, diseases and slows success.
  • Add softer materials instead of hard and sharp things. Sharp edges can cause harm physically as well as psychologically. Softer stuff adds warmth to the room and hence to the dweller.

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  • Do not hang on your walls violent or harsh pictures. The same should apply for any decoration. If you have knifes or swords on display, keep it in a drawer. If you have a picture of a tiger or a horse, it should not be angry or active – such impacts will affect the residents. Pictures should keep your nerves balanced and calm.
  • Play soft music at times to uplift the atmosphere. Generally classical music and especially relevant Indian flute music played in very soft tones will benefit you. You can also play divine songs but make sure the volume should be such it just becomes a part of the background.
  • Get aroma. Light good quality incense. Or use aromatic candles. It does not have to be expensive. Use natural fragrances and never artificial ones which are full of negative energies. Soak a few jasmine (beli) flowers or tuberose (rajanigandha) to create a royally beautiful atmosphere.

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  • Get rid of too much stuff. Clutter is very bad for any home. If you have old stuff which you do not use, give it to someone who will benefit. There should space for the air to flow. Old, torn and broken stuff will make the energy lower. You don’t want to feel torn and broken, do you?
  • Keep your house as clean as possible. Sometimes the best way to keep clean is to keep it simple. Less stuff, less things to clean.
  • Always keep plants in or around the house. Keep plants in the balcony. Plants are great for healing and calming down. However, do not keep cactus. Holy Basil (Tulsi) is one of the best plants to keep that will also give you oxygen at night. Keep plants and you will notice that you are getting more positive energy. Your family will be calmer, happier and more successful.

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