Among Soumitra’s many avatars, carefree Soumitra is one. O akash sona sona is a lovely song from the film Ajana Shapath. This film was released in 1969 and unfortunately very few copies are left of it preserved. Madhabi Mukherjee, Jahar Roy and Pahari Sanyal also acted in this film.

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While you watch this song you can also feel the beautiful song. Even in this quality, you will enjoy the open fields and sunny day. One wonders why we do not make such beautiful songs and backdrops today.

As Soumitra cycles through the fields with his companions, how beautiful it looks when the breeze gently brushes his hair. The road is lined with evergreen trees giving the perfect background of a village in Bengal.

Even the lyrics are so amazing – O akash sona sona e mati sobuj sobuj. It is a perfect ode to this beautiful planet where we live.

This is not a love song, yet it is. It expresses love not a person but to the sun and earth. How beautiful is that!

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